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10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle – Vigorous Herbs

Now the time begins when you can change a lot for your body in the coming summer and your personal fitness. We’ll show you how!

10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle - Vigorous Herbs

10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle – Vigorous Herbs

How is your physical fitness? Are you satisfied or are there things that you would like to change in the near future? With just a few small steps you can make a big change in your body.

Your physical fitness is of course not only related to aesthetic things. It takes more than workouts and proteins to get through everyday life as relaxed and healthy as possible. In our top ten, we’ll show you exactly how you can have a big impact on your personal fitness with small changes.

Tip 10: Whole grain products against belly fat

If you are still bothered by a few excess kilos, especially those that have stuck to the stomach for a long time, we have a special tip: always try to use whole grain products. The magnesium it contains promotes your fitness, keeps you full longer and promotes digestion.

Tip 9: start the day fit

You can do this, for example, with a small workout or yoga. Many apps or videos on YouTube now offer you dozens of free ways to do this. Take up to 30 minutes for this and you will see how positively your everyday life is influenced by it.

Tip 8: Every step keeps you fit

True to this motto, you should take the stairs more often instead of taking the elevator. Are grocery stores not far from your home? Then shopping on foot or by bike would be a great alternative to combine fresh air with exercise.

Tip 7: Fit at work

Everyone who has an office job knows what it is like when you get more and more tired and less focused during the course of the day due to a lack of exercise. Here, for example, an exercise ball can help, which you can use in phases as a replacement for your office chair. Or a few stretching exercises during your break: This keeps you fit, awake and, above all, relaxes your joints and muscles.

Tip 6: drink a lot

It is advisable to start with an adequate supply of fluids immediately after getting up in the early morning. You can, for example, place a large glass of water next to your bed the evening before.
By directly absorbing the fluid, you will wake up faster and – even throughout the day – be fitter. At least two to three liters of water per day are recommended, depending on the type of physical activity. If you do a lot of exercise, you should definitely drink more too.

Tip 5: Power walk

Even a short daily walk can improve your cardiovascular health. It is best to leave your electronic device at home and concentrate fully on your surroundings or your strolling partner. So you can definitely switch off from everyday life and collect energy.
Tip 4: beauty sleep
In order for you to be able to work productively every day, your body must be able to regenerate sufficiently at night. Nevertheless, it can be said that seven to eight hours are an optimal time for a restful sleep, which can also be beneficial for your health.

Tip 3: healthy snacks

In addition to a balanced diet, the right snacks play an important role. If you travel a lot and are under stress in everyday life, you can prepare the right snacks for the following week on the weekend. This saves money and time and is guaranteed to always provide you with the right nutrients. Home made granola bars, fruit salads, or rice cakes with peanut butter could be these snacks. Try it!

Tip 2: phone time out
We tend to spend too much time in front of screens. Regardless of whether it is a PC, television or mobile phone. In addition to time in everyday life, the cell phone in particular also steals a lot of energy, which you could invest in other beautiful things.

Appointments to reduce stress, hobbies or just a few hours of relaxation without a cell phone. It is best to try after a certain time in the evening not to use the cell phone until the next morning.

Tip 1: a power drink every day
You are probably familiar with the reputation of smoothies. No wonder, because you can adhere to the 5 x 5 rule (i.e. 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables per day) with a smoothie. This will fill your vitamin stores and you can also stock up on valuable trace elements by adding chia seeds and nuts.

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