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10 tips for healthy skin – Dermatology Bonn – Vigorous Herbs

The skin is an important factor in the ideal of beauty, more and more care products are coming onto the market that promise firm and young-looking skin. In addition, the complexion says a lot about the condition of the body, for example whether it is lacking vitamins. 10 tips for beautiful skin are presented below.

10 tips for healthy skin - Dermatology Bonn - Vigorous Herbs

10 tips for healthy skin – Dermatology Bonn – Vigorous Herbs

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Tip 1: the right cleaning
The be-all and end-all of beautiful skin is proper cleaning and care. Make-up, sweat and skin oils must be removed daily so that the pores do not clog and bacteria have no chance of multiplying.
But not only is a “cat wash” with water sufficient, a cleansing milk should also be used, as it contains fat-dissolving substances. The milk must then be rinsed off with clean water. After cleansing, it is advisable to use facial toner, as this helps restore the protective acid mantle and removes any remaining residues.

Tip 2: Healthy nutrition for healthy skin
To do something good for your skin, a lot of fruits and vegetables should be on the menu, as they provide the body with many trace minerals, important vitamins and antioxidants. These things secure fine skin and prevent wrinkling.

Vitamin A prevents dry and flaky skin.

Tip 3: water as a miracle cure
If you want to do something good for your skin, you should drink plenty of water, 1.5-2 liters per day are optimal. The skin itself consists of 80% water, which is important for blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism so that the skin looks fresh and healthy. High water absorption ensures that the skin is not dry and cracked, but rather resilient and supports the elimination of harmful substances.

Tip 4: beauty sleep
Many people think that the term “beauty sleep” has nothing to do with it, but everyone knows it: a night with little sleep and the skin looks pale and lifeless. This is because, especially during the deep sleep phase, a lot of growth hormones are released, which cause the skin cells to regenerate.

Tip 5: face massage
Even the ancient Egyptians swore by this simple but effective beauty product, massage.
There are several ways to do this facial massage, for example by stroking the skin with your fingertips. To prevent tiredness, it helps to tap with your fingers on different parts of the face.

Tip 6: peeling
A peeling ensures that flakes and sebum deposits are removed and the skin is supplied with blood again. A rosy complexion follows.

Tip 7: Avoid alcohol and nicotine
The consumption of alcohol leads to the fact that water is withdrawn from the body and thus also from the skin and cells that are responsible for detoxification are destroyed. The result is sallow, unhealthy looking skin. Alcoholic beverages with a high sugar content, such as cocktails, are particularly harmful.
Nicotine leads to a narrowing of the blood vessels and thus not only stresses the heart and circulation, but also prevents adequate blood flow in the skin.

Tip 8: use sun protection
It is well known that sun rays damage the skin, it leads to rapid aging, pigment spots and, in the worst case, skin cancer. Therefore, it makes more than sense to use make-up and creams with high UV protection, especially if you are exposed to the sun. Long and intensive sunbathing and visits to the solarium should be avoided in order not to damage the skin.

Tip 9: Avoid “over-catering”
When it comes to healthy skin, there is some truth to the saying “less is more”. Too many substances can cause the skin to react irritated and several different ingredients are not necessarily coordinated with one another and thus lose their effectiveness. If you apply too many creams and the like, the pores could become clogged.

Tip 10: Oxygen invigorates the complexion
Oxygen is absorbed by the skin in addition to the lungs, the cells can renew themselves and you get a fresh complexion.

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