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10 Wellness Tips For A Beautiful Autumn – Vigorous Herbs

As soon as the summer starts, we already miss it. In the best case, it is followed by a golden autumn and the colors do not fall out of the world as a surprise. Nevertheless, it is said to fall leaves instead of chirping birds and often an umbrella instead of a sun hat. Not everyone loves the change of seasons, but without it there would be no next summer. Until then, we shouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy a colorful autumn with our 10 best wellness tips!

10 Wellness Tips For A Beautiful Autumn - Vigorous Herbs

10 Wellness Tips For A Beautiful Autumn – Vigorous Herbs

1. Get out into nature

The days are getting shorter, it gets dark earlier and so the UV radiation, which is so important for the human organism, is missing. Because without the warming rays of the sun, the happiness hormone serotonin leaves us and our good mood fades. So every day out into nature for half an hour, preferably while it is light.

2. Bring color into your life!

There is no question that colors can influence moods. Yellow and orange improve the mood, green soothes, red invigorates and purple promotes psychological stability. So how about a citrus fruit basket as the ideal feel-good decoration? Great color for the mood, delicious fragrance and a good portion of vitamin C for the immune system!

3. Wellbeing care makes us shine

When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, treat yourself to a body-care pampering program. Brittle hair and dry skin, caused by cool temperatures and heated air, will definitely be happy about a few “caresses”, ie gentle shower cream instead of shower gel, rich hair treatments, face masks and cream packs for hands and feet. Always relaxing: a hot full bath with fragrant care oils!

4. Sports and exercise

Movement makes you happy – that’s no longer a secret. During exercise, endorphins are released that positively support the body’s defenses and well-being. You should know that: Anyone who does sport often needs a lot of magnesium, because the mineral ensures that nerves and muscles function well.

5. Eat healthy

Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grain products regularly, as they support the production of happiness hormones. If possible, prepare fresh fruit and vegetables and choose them depending on the season. Carbohydrates should also be on the menu, because they provide plenty of energy in a flash.

6. Pamper the senses

Lying on the sofa, listening to music, closing your eyes and dreaming. Fifteen minutes are enough to switch off, leave stress behind and get up refreshed. How about “Autumn Leaves” by Eva Cassidy or “Summer moved on” by Aha?

7. Alternating showers

Sounds terrible at first, but it’s not. Alternating showers stimulate the circulation and blood flow, get the metabolism going and make you fit for the day. Start with warm water, then switch to cold water. A cold-warm change on the arms and legs already has a good effect, the very brave go one step further and shower completely cold.
The good thing about it: Colds hardly stand a chance.

8. Go out among people

Meet friends, talk, laugh, have fun – and no trace of the autumn blues! Regardless of whether it’s a cinema, a restaurant or cooking together at home, shopping with your girlfriend or a fun game night: just make autumn beautiful. Or how about a new hobby? Whether salsa, pottery or yoga – you just have to decide….

9. Chocolate

The good news for all chocolate lovers: The lack of serotonin (responsible for being happy) is not only compensated by getting enough exercise in nature, but also by chocolate.

10. Cuddle

There are many reasons to cuddle extensively again. The fact is that touch stimulates our senses and is the easiest, cheapest and most beautiful way to really relax. Body contact has been proven to help reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and physical and mental well-being. People who cuddle are consequently more relaxed, healthier, happier and more peaceful than non-cuddlers!


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