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13 Tips For Drinking More Water Every Day – Vigorous Herbs

Experts tell you how to hydrate without even realizing it.

HEALTH While staying hydrated is essential, there are always good reasons for not drinking enough water: a busy schedule, something else to drink (like coffee or cocktails), and fear of having to spend half the day in the bathroom.

13 Tips For Drinking More Water Every Day - Vigorous Herbs

13 Tips For Drinking More Water Every Day – Vigorous Herbs

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We understand. But drinking is really important. Fortunately, today there are many ways to hydrate without disrupting your habits. Experts tell us about their stupid strategies to drink more water.

1. Start and end your day with water

If your days are so busy that hydrating doesn’t even cross your mind, try starting and ending them with water to relieve the pressure, Drinking a few drinks before and after your workday will ensure you get the right amount of water and get you closer to your 100% hydration goal.


2. For every cup of coffee, drink a glass of water

“Coffee, although liquid, does not have the same hydrating and thirst-quenching properties as water. If you are used to drinking several cups of coffee a day, accompanying them with a glass of water will provide you with a good level of hydration.


3. Add ice cubes to your drinks and smoothies

If you find water unpleasant, a good way to hydrate yourself without looking like it is to add plenty of ice cubes to your favorite drinks and smoothies, Four ice cubes slipped into your glass is half a glass of water, and you won’t even notice it.


4. Prepare more spicy dishes

Forcing a little on the spices by adding, for example, chili sauce or pepper to your dishes, this is an easy – and tasty – way to skyrocket your water intake. Since most people drink water (or rather rush to their glasses) to put out the fire after every bite of spicy food, the goal of 100% hydration is very likely to be reached.


5. Accompany each medication or supplement with a full glass of water.

If you’re taking any medications or supplements, make a goal of getting them down with a full glass of water. Since it is recommended that you space out the outlets for more efficiency, this little trick can have an impact on your water consumption.

6. Invest in a smart water bottle

If, with all that you have to do, you forget to keep track of your water intake, go for the smart bottle that will take care of it for you. In addition to helping you calculate your ideal daily water amount.

7. Drink through a straw

We usually swallow a larger amount when we drink from a straw rather than from the bottle. Straw also has the advantage of making water more accessible. For example, during a meeting, you will drink more easily if the straw prevents you from opening your bottle each time.

9. Do your calculations in advance

If you prefer old-fashioned monitoring, start by estimating how much water you need to drink each day (“at least half your weight in grams,” then fill a large bottle and be sure to finish it before evening. If it’s inconvenient for you to carry a large bottle, pour the desired amount into several small bottles, Don’t forget to fill them out for the next day before going to bed.


10. Drink in an original way

If you find drinking water boring, studies show that changing the way you drink it can make it more appealing. Researchers at the University of Chicago and Ohio looked at the water consumption of 300 participants who were asked to imagine original ways of drinking it. Some have done it in martini glasses or even with a spoon. Result? It seemed more fun to them. The next time you balk at the idea of ​​drinking water from any cup, innovate!

11. Top up as soon as the bottle is empty

Get up and fill your bottle as soon as it’s empty, You will be ready for the next hydration session and will not have the excuse of having to postpone it.

12. Build your water intake into health goals that are important to you.

If drinking water to stay well hydrated isn’t enough to motivate you, try incorporating the habit into other goals that are important to you. For example, drinking 20 cl of water before a meal will facilitate your digestion.


13. Watch how often you go to the bathroom

Determine the time that elapses between your drinking water or other fluids and when you go to the bathroom. “This data can be very useful for those who make long journeys or worry about having their nights interrupted, Instead of avoiding liquids in the afternoons and evenings just in case, you’ll drink without fear, both in the office and at home, knowing when to stop.

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