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Annual reviews, new resolutions, workbooks and journals: In the last breath of the old year, many people feel the need to take the chance to start a fresh. To fill a snow-white sheet and leave things from last year behind. Of course you can restart every day. Set goals, exercise or eat healthier. A Tuesday afternoon, however, rarely feels as promising as the first morning of a new decade.



Since high annual resolutions quickly fizzle out, it is better to reflect on your habits and derive concrete, realistic goals from them.

My gift to you is therefore this guide for a new, healthy and happy decade. And don’t worry, you don’t have to drink ginger-lemon water every day or go jogging for 30 minutes.

The guide was created from my own review of the year and from healthy habits that I have been able to consolidate as routines in recent years. I hope it will help you and be a kind reminder to make good intentions a reality this year.

20 habits for a healthy and happy decade
  1. create a realistic morning routine
  2. prep your meal
  3. drink something golden
  4. bring color to the plate
  5. indulge in fermented foods
  6. let more spice in your life
  7. reduce your meat and milk consumption
  8. drink nice water from pretty water bottles with pretty glass straws
  9. spend time in the fresh air
  10. make time for people who feel good
  11. earth you
  12. find a sport that strengthens you
  13. find an activity that will relax you deeply
  14. breathe consciously
  15. use the power of your subconscious
  16. remember what you are grateful for
  17. create an evening routine that really brings you down
  18. stimulate all the senses
  19. date yourself
  20. write a bullet journal
create a realistic morning routine

The morning makes the day. Very few of us manage to start our everyday life with an extensive morning run, mediation and post-workout smoothie bowl. Hey: that’s not bad at all. It is much more important to incorporate a realistic morning routine as a healthy habit. Start small by drinking a glass of water when you get up.

My morning routine on busy days :

  1. After getting up, have a glass of water ready (sometimes with a dash of apple cider vinegar, sometimes with ginger, sometimes with turmeric, sometimes with everything at the same time or simply clear) and breathe in and exhale deeply for 3 minutes.
  2. Oil pulling with sesame oil while I wash and get ready.
  3. Use dental floss and then brush my teeth afterwards.
  4. Put on a green tea, pour it into the thermos + add a dash of vegetable milk without additional sugar.
  5. Prepare the take-away breakfast bowl and pack it in my bag along with my lunch. Finished.
prep your meal

Preparing your meal for the day on a regular basis sounds like an unattainable resolution to many. The right meal prep routine can even take away stress. At lunchtime, colleagues worry their heads about what they want to eat today. Then go to the bakery or restaurant and usually come back unsatisfied. Either the food is heavy in the stomach, it was too expensive or it was just the sandwich again. You, on the other hand, are well prepared and can indulge in what is good for you during the break .

drink something golden

Every German drinks an average of 164 liters of coffee a year. The hot beverage is undisputedly in first place, although more and more wake-ups with milk foam hoods want to overtake it. The decaffeinated golden milk is one of them. In contrast to coffee, it provides an energy kick without a stimulating effect. Its healing ingredients make it a wonderful and healthy change for you. Click here for a delicious golden milk recipe . There you will also find out more about the health benefits of turmeric.

bring color to the plate


When you add the rainbow to your diet, you automatically start eating healthier. It can start with an apple a day and end with green or red (wholesome) smoothies , colorful Buddha bowls and blue algae. Does your color spectrum tend to be brown, pale yellow, gray, white and, at best, jam-red? Then 2020 is the year to expand the range on your plate !


indulge in fermented foods

The intestines have long been a taboo subject. But that time is over. More and more scientists are dedicating themselves to the intestinal microbiome and its connection to the brain and its effect on health. What we already know today is that we make our intestinal bacteria – and thus ourselves – happy with the right diet. At the top of the list: with fermented foods. These contain many good bacteria and enzymes themselves.

The following foods can be integrated into your everyday life:

  1. Kombucha
  2. fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi and co
  3. (vegetable) yogurt
  4. Tempeh (fermented soybeans), miso paste or natto (is also made from fermented soy)
  5. kefir
let more spice in your life

Ginger, fennel, anise, caraway, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, parsley, pepper … the effects of spices and herbs are greatly underestimated. They not only give the food taste, but also have great power in small amounts. Cinnamon, for example, also helps you lose weight , as it lowers blood sugar levels even in small amounts, prolongs the feeling of satiety and stimulates the metabolism. Did you know that? The essential oils contained in many spices, in turn, promote healthy digestion and protect a sensitive stomach. One more reason to pamper your taste buds even more next year.

reduce your meat and milk consumption

Many are still not aware of the negative impact the consumption of meat and dairy products has on people, animals and the environment. Everyone should take up this topic in 2020 and work on themselves. The good news: your health will also benefit from less animal products. This year, removing (even) more of it from the menu and adding healthy, plant-based alternatives is a win-win situation for everyone .

drink nice water from pretty water bottles with pretty glass straws

Despite countless reminders to stay hydrated, many people struggle to get enough water during the day. Therefore, here is my ultimate tip, with which this is no longer an issue. Buy a nice water bottle and regularly fill it with a few frozen raspberries, limes, or other fruits. You then put them within easy reach in your field of vision, next to the laptop, for example. Who can resist?

spend time in the fresh air

Do you remember how quickly you fell into bed as a child after a day in the fresh air? Even if you live in a polluted big city: The air inside is (almost) always worse than outside in the park. Regular exercise in the fresh air reduces stress, replenishes vitamin D and strengthens your immune system. Your sleep is also sustainably promoted. As a result, your body regenerates better and your mood also brightens.

make time for people who feel good

Just as toxic friendships negatively affect your health, so making the right friends can make sure you live longer. In any case, this is shown by many studies. Some of them even give friendships a more important role than healthy eating and exercise. People with whom you be yourself can that motivate you and grow with you, proven to stimulate your health. Well-being hormones are released, stress is relieved, the psyche and your immune system are strengthened. When was the last time you spent time with someone who feels good? And what relationship should you possibly let go of in the next year because it is making you sick?

earth you

At a time when we are increasingly distancing ourselves from nature with our way of life, many people feel that they are losing the ground under their feet. Stopping for a moment and recharging your batteries is often neglected. That is why it is so important to find a routine that gives you more stability. For some it is a walk through the forest, for others meeting friends or pulling weeds in the garden. If you don’t have the opportunity to implement the aforementioned healthy habits in your everyday life, find something you can do in the comfort of your own home. Get away from your cell phone and delve into a book. Or you can get yourself a few houseplants to look after lovingly.

find a sport that strengthens you

Diet, exercise, relaxation, self-actualization: healthy habits can always be classified according to these four pillars. Therefore, your sporting activities should not be neglected in the coming year. The important thing now is not to go pumping every day in the first week of January and then that’s it for this year. This year, find a sport that you can really enjoy. Or deepen one that you started. This can be the lap around the lake, the body pump course in the gym or fencing. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is that you get absorbed in it and have a sense of achievement that motivates you to keep going. Try not to set your goal here to become thinner and more beautiful. Get stronger!

find an activity that will relax you deeply

Due to our high screen time and the floods of data and triggers we are exposed to today, passive relaxation (like sitting in front of the television in the evening) is no longer enough. Many stress triggers are deeper. Therefore, take time regularly for active relaxation. This can be 10 minutes of mindfulness training, a meditation or a yoga flow. You can find lots of free trainings on YouTube. You can also pick a nice studio if that motivates you more. Of course, such exercises cost some effort at the beginning. The more often you integrate active relaxation into your everyday life, the more you will notice how effective these 10 minutes are and how well they affect your overall well-being. It’s worth it!

breathe consciously

There really are no more excuses for this healthy habit! Because we all have to breathe. Regardless of whether you are sitting in the subway, at your desk or at university: you can let your shoulders fall loosely and breathe in and out deeply. With this you can integrate a mini relaxation exercise into everyday life, with which you signal to your body: “Everything is fine, you don’t have to pour out the next load of stress hormones!”

use the power of your subconscious

Those who think positively attract positives. Okay, the eyes are already rolling because this is the 11th life coach who just wants to make you white. Just stupid: it’s true! We keep forgetting that most of our daily thoughts are subconscious. And we forget the power of these thoughts. On a day when you’ve got up on the wrong foot and poured your coffee on your shirt, there is a high probability that the bus will also be late, the intersection is closed and the boss is stressful.

Your thoughts influence how you perceive and evaluate yourself and your environment and how you react to them . The great thing about it, you can harness the power of your subconscious and program it to be positive to become happier, healthier and more successful . An easy way to loosen stuck, negative thought structures is to work with affirmations. These are positively worded sentences such as: “I am self-confident”, “I am beautiful” or “I am loved”. These sentences are regularly pronounced softly or, best of all, out loud. The subconscious internalizes what has been said and the more often you supply it with positive thoughts, the more positively you will influence yourself and your environment.

remember what you are grateful for

It is in our nature to concentrate more and more on what we don’t (yet) have or what we don’t (yet) are. It is all the more important to regularly see to yourself what you have already achieved and what you can be grateful for. Tell yourself regularly what you are grateful for! This subconsciously triggers a feeling of happiness that flows through the body.

create an evening routine that really brings you down

A realistic morning routine will help you incorporate healthy habits into your mornings. An evening routine can help you bring the day to a pleasant end. Again, it should be a realistic evening routine, for example with a good night tea and a laptop free zone 30 minutes before going to sleep. You can also incorporate the other habits mentioned above. For example, pamper yourself with a fragrant massage oil and do mindfulness training to help you fall asleep.

stimulate all the senses

Essential oils not only have a healing effect on the body from the inside, they can also increase well-being and health from the outside via the sense of smell. With high-quality massage oils and aromatherapy you bring nature and the wellness resort into your home. All you need are pure essential oils in organic quality and an aroma diffuser (you can get one for 10 euros on the Internet). For example, you can perfectly combine this ritual of self-care and relaxation with the next healthy habit:

date yourself

That might sound strange now. Basically, it just means taking time to yourself on a regular basis. If there is no other way, even as a small appointment with yourself. Self-love and self-care are among the things that are very often neglected in everyday life. They are just as important for your mental and physical well-being as the appointments with your partner or friends. You deserve this time for yourself, don’t let it be neglected!

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