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Aloe Vera Gel – Pure blessing for the skin – Vigorous Herbs

Pure moisture thanks to aloe vera

Aloe Vera Gel was very much appreciated by the ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra. The inside of the aloe vera leaf, also known as desert lily or Curacao aloe, is a key component of many natural cosmetic products and is known for its particularly moisturizing properties. But the empress of medicinal plants can do even more: Aloe Vera accelerates cell regeneration and stimulates collagen production. The all-rounder ensures completely refreshed and supple skin. These properties are particularly effective in products with aloe vera. They contain the high-quality organic aloe vera gel for perfect moisture supply and guarantee optimal care in all conceivable everyday situations. Let yourself be inspired by 11 different application methods!

Aloe Vera Gel - Pure blessing for the skin - Vigorous herbs

Aloe Vera Gel – Pure blessing for the skin – Vigorous herbs


Application areas of the aloe vera gel

1) Moisturizing Facial Care

For dry skin, the aloe vera gel proves to be a real insider tip, especially for the face. Dry skin is sensitive and flakes or even becomes inflamed quickly. A good natural cosmetic moisturizer counteracts this, as it cares for the skin instead of closing the skin pores. The gel obtained from the aloe plant stores moisture and makes your skin beautiful and supple.

Aloe vera is particularly suitable for products that are absorbed by the skin (such as creams or lotions), as this allows the miracle plant to develop its full potential. But the aloe vera not only provides moisture, it also has a cell-regenerating effect, promotes elasticity and contains important enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are extremely important for your skin. The use of aloe vera gel on the face is not only beneficial but also effective.

2) Anti-aging effect on the face

Even if you can be proud of your age and have gained one or the other life experience, that does not have to mean that you can see it directly when you look in your face. Free radicals play an essential role in the aging process in the body. They are a waste product of the metabolism and are considered to be damaging to cells. However, this can be counteracted – with so-called radical scavengers. Antioxidant substances are valued in cosmetics because they interrupt the chain reaction of free radicals and thus offer effective protection against cell damage.

When used topically, antioxidants can smooth wrinkles and smooth lines. Your skin appears noticeably smoother and looks perfectly cared for. Enzymes ensure that dead skin is removed. This ensures a smooth and fresh complexion and visibly firmer skin. Such rejuvenating substances are found in aloe vera gel. The daily use of a cream or a fluid based on organic aloe vera helps to stop the skin aging process prematurely. Discover the refreshing moisturizer with aloe vera, the effect of which will bring a youthful glow to your face!

3) Effective makeup remover

Do you not only want to clean your face when removing make-up, but also care for your skin at the same time? If you place special emphasis on gentle, yet thorough make-up removal, you should use products with organic aloe vera gel for your face. Dry skin in particular should be cleaned gently. With a product, be it a cleansing milk, a washing gel or a micellar water that contains aloe vera gel, you can gently cleanse your face and at the same time supply it with moisture. The aloe vera effect prevents the facial skin from drying out when the make-up is removed. After removing make-up, the skin is not only refreshed, but also cleansed down to the pores at the same time.

4) Soothing body lotion

After the shower, there is nothing better than putting lotion on your body. The pleasant freshness and the natural scent of the aloe vera make it a wonderful freshness experience.

When showering or bathing, the skin loses moisture, as not only the dirt but also valuable body fat is washed off. In order to compensate for this loss and to achieve better skin elasticity, it is always advisable to apply a body lotion afterwards.

The Aloe Vera Gel Classic is the perfect freshness kick for every day. The clever gel replaces the classic body lotion and provides your skin with plenty of soothing moisture. The result: suppleness and a radiantly beautiful complexion. The cooling effect of aloe vera is not to be despised, especially on hot summer days. Incidentally, the gel is odorless and, if desired, is ideal for mixing with your favorite essential oil.

5) Soothe the scalp

Anyone who has ever had an irritated and itchy scalp knows how uncomfortable it feels. To avoid constant scratching and to prevent redness, the use of an aloe vera gel is suitable. It soothes and cools the scalp. The ingredients not only provide the irritated skin with moisture, but also counteract inflammation. On the head in particular, you want a pleasantly light and quickly absorbed texture that leaves no residue. An aloe vera-based gel can be massaged into the scalp and is absorbed by the skin in no time at all, not just with the skin

6) Against sunburn

Have you been in the sun longer than planned? Proper care is a must, especially after sunbathing. If you have possibly caught a slight sunburn, the most important thing is to keep the skin adequately hydrated.

Aloe vera gel is suitable for this not only because of its hydrating, but also because of its anti-inflammatory and cell-renewing effects. In a study with 40 participants, the effectiveness of aloe vera gel was compared to a hydrocortisone cream. The result was that when using the aloe vera gel, clear improvements in redness and the side effects of sunburn could be seen after just two days. The commercial cream performed slightly worse in this study.

We therefore recommend the Aloe Vera Gel Aftersun . The wonderfully cooling care gel contains moisturizing and soothing organic aloe vera as well as the essential oils of lavender and tea tree. With its delicate aroma, lavender not only relaxes the senses, but also helps – just like tea tree and aloe vera – to soothe the skin again. So use the aloe vera gel and give your stressed or stressed skin the perfect cooling care after sunbathing!

7) Immediate help with insect bites

Especially in summer it can happen quickly that you get bitten by a mosquito or a bee. When grilling in the garden or by the lake, the winged insects are often not far away. If the area around the bite swells or an uncomfortable itch occurs, you should immediately apply aloe vera gel to the puncture site. This quickly soothes redness, immediately reduces swelling and quickly relieves pain. The effect of aloe vera stimulates blood circulation. This means that the skin is better supplied with blood and toxins are transported away faster.

8) Helps with burns

Whether through hot tea or the iron or just at the stove – you can get a burn wound faster than you think. The tissue of the skin is damaged by the enormous effects of heat. It is very important to cool the wound immediately after such an injury. However, the water should not be ice cold, but just lukewarm enough to cool the area of ​​the burn. Ice cubes or water that is too cold, on the other hand, could damage the skin tissue.

If you only inflicted a small burn wound, it is advisable to rub the wound with organic aloe vera gel immediately after cooling. The ingredients prevent the skin from peeling off and leaving scars. An application with aloe vera gel is also ideal for slightly larger injuries. On the one hand, it reduces pain through the cooling effect, and on the other hand, the gel with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect actively contributes to faster wound healing. To do this, carefully apply some of the aloe vera gel to the burn wound several times a day. Direct application is also suitable for small open wounds and blisters. But the most important thing is that no germs can get into the wound and settle there.

9) Faster wound healing after surgery

Just like with burn wounds, the aloe vera gel also helps with wounds that have arisen as a result of an operation. The cell reproduction process is supported in its effect by the ingredients of aloe vera and leads to faster regeneration of the skin.

10) Helps to subside psoriasis and neurodermatitis

Most skin conditions have one characteristic in common: dry skin. This is the case with psoriasis, better known as psoriasis, as it is with neurodermatitis. What helps here better than an adequate supply of moisture? The aloe vera plant grows in an extremely hot climate and is used to long periods of drought. So that it does not wither, it has developed the spectacular peculiarity of storing the water inside the leaves. Aloe Vera consists of 98% water. The inside of the plant, the gel, serves as the basis for most products.

Since you should keep the skin moist, especially with neurodermatitis, in order to reduce open areas and protect them, such a moisture-intensive desert plant as pure aloe is of course particularly suitable. Psoriasis can also lead to tension pain from dry skin. Rubbing in an organic aloe vera gel is a wonderfully natural alternative with no undesirable side effects, in order to make the skin more elastic again and to supply it with moisture.

In addition, it supports the healing process with its anti-inflammatory effect. The massage oil by Martina Gebhardt combines the valuable properties of aloe vera with the care effect of oils to your skin to regenerate completely.

11) Freshness kick

For a special freshness experience, you can rub the pure aloe vera gel directly from the plant. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, the outer leaves can be harvested after three to four years. In order to get to the nourishing and moisturizing gel inside the leaf, the peel has to be peeled off. There is an irritant substance called aloin between the outer wax layer and the gel, which should not get on the skin. This substance is a protective mechanism of the plant to protect itself from wild animals in the wild. After peeling, the gel can then be spread directly on the body and face. The skin is so wonderfully moisturized. If you do not use up the sheet completely, it can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days until the next use.

Aloe Vera convinces with its effect

The proven up to 200 active ingredients and ingredients make the skin supple and even act as juice from the inside. When buying, make sure that the products are as natural as possible. They should contain few additives and still have a long enough shelf life. You can also play it safe: choose products in organic quality. This is the only way to ensure that the plants have not been fertilized with pesticides and / or herbicides and are free of harmful substances.

Another quality criterion is that the leaves have been peeled by hand. So you know that the bowl in which the poisonous aloin is located has been completely removed and only the pure aloe vera gel is used.

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