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Aloe Vera Juice Effect: Benefit From The Medicinal Plant – Vigorous Herbs

Aloe Vera Juice Effect: You have to know: The basis of all  products is real Aloe Vera. There are around 400 different types of aloe in total. But only the real aloe vera has been known as a medicinal plant for thousands of years. With its versatility and outstanding properties, it has already convinced the beauty queens in antiquity.

Aloe Vera Juice Effect - Benefit From The Medicinal Plant - Vigorous Herbs

Aloe Vera Juice Effect – Benefit From The Medicinal Plant – Vigorous Herbs

Pure, pure and full of power
Use the power of aloe vera too!

Aloe vera juice effect
The benefits of aloe vera in use were already valued in ancient Egypt. According to tradition, the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti pampered her body with the valuable nutrients and vital substances of the queen of medicinal plants. Queen Cleopatra also used aloe vera. She is said to have even used the sap of the plant as a beauty elixir. Incidentally, drawings of the aloe vera plant can be found in the tombs of the ancient pharaohs. After all, aloe vera is a symbol of beauty and immortality.

Aloe Vera application
The so-called father of medicine, Hippocrates was a staunch fan of the medicinal plant. Likewise, Alexander the Great is said to have had fresh supplies of the desert lily in his luggage on his campaigns. With the juice of the aloe vera he wanted to cure the injuries of his warriors. In this sense, obviously accelerate wound healing. The story also goes that America was discovered with ships fully loaded with aloe vera. Christoph Columbus is said to have brought aloe vera pots with him. Also to be able to treat the wounds of his team with the sap of the plants. As a result, the most diverse cultures have already used the beneficial power of aloe vera for their own purposes.

Aloe Vera – the source of youth
Incidentally, the Maya Indians gave the juice the nickname “source of youth”. Aloe Vera was one of the 16 sacred plants at that time. These were accordingly worshiped like gods. The diluted aloe vera juice rubbed on the body also served as protection against insects. In the Chinese culture, the medicinal plant was referred to as a “means of harmony” as early as the 13th century. In Japan, too, the plant was valued for health and well-being at an early stage. Samurai are said to have used the medicinal plant for rubbed in and also for wound healing. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, aloe vera can also be used in a variety of ways.

Aloe Vera juice works internally
So far, more than 160 different ingredients have been detected in the aloe vera leaves. This is confirmed by the consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia.

What ingredients does aloe vera contain?
Among other things, these ingredients of the aloe vera leaves are interesting:

amino acids
Good to know: Aloe Vera consists of 99% water. The plant from the desert is therefore considered to be the ultimate moisture store.

The best aloe vera juice
aloe vera grows on its own plantations. Each individual plant has over 1,000 hours of sunshine. This is pure energy for your well-being. The workers treat the valuable leaves of the plants with special care. The highly concentrated gel is removed from the leaf by hand only from selected plants. s aloe vera gel was the first to be certified for its quality by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).

The best aloe vera drink
You have to imagine that: every yellow  ALOE VERA GEL ™ ( item 715) pack contains a whopping 99.7% pure aloe vera gel. This is real power for your body. Your immune system also benefits from the vitamin C.

Aloe Vera juice effect – the advantages of ALOE VERA GEL ™ :

99.7 percent pure aloe vera gel
Power compact for the entire body
high vitamin C content
without the addition of preservatives
sugar free
gluten free
Vitamin C helps maintain a normal immune system and reduces fatigue
Ideal for daily nutrition

Just one glass of 0.15 l  ALOE VERA GEL ™ covers your daily vitamin C requirement.  original aloe vera drink is the ideal companion for a balanced diet. Start the day with a healthy lifestyle. For those who like the sweet taste of peaches, we recommend ALOE PEACHES ™ ( Item 777). Also an ideal aloe juice for children. The valuable ingredients of aloe are combined in the  ALOE BERRY NECTAR ™ (Art. 734) with the advantages of cranberries and apples. Also rich in vitamin C!   is a real fitness drink(Art. 196): pure aloe vera gel in combination with natural orange juice concentrate. Yummy! All athletes and other active people should definitely include this drink in their diet.

Our tip: on stressful days, treat yourself to an extra portion of your favorite aloe drink. From the plant straight into your glass. With , you will definitely stock up on valuable ingredients for your well-being. It is important to think about the immune system, especially in stressful times.

Advantages of aloe vera juice: when is it best to drink?
The best thing to do is indulge yourself every morning. In this way you supply your body with valuable nutrients and vital substances even before the start – into a possibly stressful day. Just imagine cutting a juicy, green plant in half and enjoying the leaf pulp right away!

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