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Amla is The Ayurvedic Superfruit For Damaged Hair – Vigorous Herbs

New superfoods are constantly flooding the market and they all seem to have beauty magic powers. Sometimes you get cleaner skin thanks to them, sometimes healthy and shiny hair . The latter are particularly popular, because the constant sun of the last few months and the large amount of salt and chlorinated water have put them under quite a strain. The amla berry actually wants to work miracles here. Conveniently, it is a fairly unknown, but not a newfangled superfood: Its origin lies in Ayurveda, the oldest natural medicine in the world.

Amla is The Ayurvedic Superfruit For Damaged Hair - Vigorous Herbs

Amla is The Ayurvedic Superfruit For Damaged Hair – Vigorous Herbs

Amla is an Indian gooseberry and therefore it also comes from the country where Ayurvedic healing was developed over three and a half thousand years ago. The green berries prefer to grow there on wooded hills, in autumn they are ripe for picking. In Ayurvedic script, Amla is called the “fruit for eternal youth and beauty”, and its tree is considered sacred. Well, if the small, spherical fruit actually makes for a shiny super mane in a very mundane way, that would be enough.


In any case, your key data sound promising: Amla has a very high content of vitamin C – about twenty times as much as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The power antioxidant ensures full, faster-growing hair, as it strengthens the hair follicles and protects them from free radicals (e.g. in the form of harmful UV rays). The fruit also contains a large amount of the beautifying minerals iron, calcium and beta-carotene. The latter plant substance is a precursor to vitamin A and plays a key role in making hair more shiny, supple and volume.


First of all: Amla should not be drunk as a fresh juice. It’s relatively sour and bitter. The powder of the berry, which you can get in health food stores and stir into smoothies, is more suitable. Then you can hardly taste the sour fruit. For a shiny mane there are two other Ayurvedic applications with Amla: Either you mix the powder with a little water to form a brown paste, which you massage into the scalp and into the lengths of damp hair. After about 15 minutes, wash out thoroughly and shampoo your hair as usual .

A hair oil obtained from the kernels of the Alma fruit is similarly effective: apply six to ten drops of it in the evening and leave it on overnight. It is best to start with the lengths and then massage a dollop of oil into the scalp. Then the hair is perfectly strengthened from the roots to the tips and beautifully supple. Plus: You are well prepared for the next hair disaster in winter – when the heating air, the blow dryer and the temperatures strain your hair.



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