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Ayurveda Tips By Vigorous Herbs

According to Ayurvedic understanding, body and mind form an inseparable unit, and the care of the skin and hair is also approached comprehensively and holistically.

Great importance is attached to the naturalness of the means used, but also to the knowledge that true beauty comes from within and begins in consciousness. It is an expression of a noble state of mind and depends on our feelings and thoughts, which not only shape our personality but also our body.

Ayurveda Tips By Vigorous Herbs

Our senses, the gates to consciousness, can awaken to greater inner order and clarity through sounds, massages, colors and shapes, nutrition that is appropriate to the type, and balancing scents. Yoga, meditation, and other Vedic consciousness techniques bring about contact with the innermost qualities of your consciousness and represent basic requirements for cell rejuvenation and beauty.

A basic principle of Ayurvedic cosmetics is the consideration of the individual needs of different skin and hair types. From the point of view of Ayurveda, three basic functional principles (doshas) operate in all of nature, which we also find again in our body and mind. They are known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. If these are in balance, we are healthy, feel good and our body exudes natural beauty.

These functional principles are present in each of us, but their characteristics vary individually. Based on the texture of your skin and hair, you can easily determine which care products are best for you. For example, Vata care products are recommended for dry skin.

Choose from our Ayurvedic hair care range according to your hair type:

Vata – for normal to dry and brittle hair

Pitta – for thin, fine hair

Kapha – for oily and strong hair

Beauty, inner peace and charisma

Our body naturally tries to maintain its individual balance – the interplay of the three doshas – because it is the origin of happiness, equilibrium, energy and beauty. The timeless knowledge of Ayurveda is a valuable tool to tune the symphony of the doshas correctly.

From the perspective of Ayurveda, our body is not a rigid structure, but a flowing system that is continuously changing. Modern science confirms this to us: Every second, millions of old cells are replaced by new ones. In a year almost all of the atoms in our body are replaced. The pattern according to which these constant changes take place is determined by our consciousness. The inner intelligence of the human body, therefore, contains the blueprint, according to which it reassembles it again and again. Outer beauty is an expression of living inner beauty. Transcendental meditation, an ancient Vedic awareness technique, is a key to more inner order and calm. It is easy to learn, easy to integrate into everyday life, and yet extremely effective.

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Ayurveda & nutrition

The quality of food plays an important role in Ayurveda, as the individual body tissues are formed from it. It should be fresh, natural, and varied, as well as easy to digest and digestible. With regard to the composition, it is less about observing strict rules than about recognizing natural individual needs.

beauty comes from within

This old wisdom has found a new meaning in Ayurvedic food supplements. Ointments, lotions, and herbs play an important role in personal care and cosmetics. However, the essence of beauty and charisma, referred to as Prabha in Ayurveda primarily arises from a good functioning of the metabolism. Vigorus Herbs food supplements are made up of herbal and mineral components and support these functions in a natural way. The secret of their outstanding properties lies in their special processing and composition. They balance all the doshas and supply the body with essential substances.

In harmony with the cosmos

Everything in nature follows certain cycles. Move in natural harmony with the rhythm of nature: getting up early and going to bed early – around 10 p.m. – is a wisdom known not only in Ayurveda. The different seasons also describe a recurring cycle of change. Our season tips (for spring, summer, autumn and winter) give you further recommendations on how you can harmonize with these cosmic changes.

Pamper & enjoy

Ayurveda describes an abundance of applications that are extremely pleasant and at the same time promote health and beauty. A full-body oil massage before showering or bathing in the morning is of particular importance. In the Ayurvedic scriptures it says: The use of oil massages leads to a soft, flexible, strong and attractive body. It is extremely beneficial for the skin and should therefore be done regularly. Try it! Ayurvedic care products made from precious plant extracts complete the daily beauty care, the purpose of which is to give expression to Prabha, the essence of human beauty.

Tips for natural beauty
  1. Eat a healthy diet with fresh and natural food.
  2. Fight Depression and Anxiety with Noni Natural
  3. Round off your diet with the right food supplements.
  4. Get enough sleep, but get up early and go to bed early.
  5. Relax regularly. Modern research has shown that the technique of Transcendental Meditation.
  6. Keep your body fit with physical exercises (e.g. yoga asanas).
  7. Avoid stress, overexertion, and exhaustion.

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