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Dietary Supplements: Lose Weight Easier?

The fat melts, the pounds shed, and all of this without going hungry: at least that is what dietary supplements promise to lose weight. Is it really that easy to lose weight: Instead of laboriously dieting and exercising, simply swallowing dietary supplements to help you lose weight?

Diet Supplement For Weight Loss Instead Of Diet - Vigorous Herbs

Diet Supplement For Weight Loss Instead Of Diet – Vigorous Herbs

The market for diet supplements for weight loss is booming. It feels like the new method is discovered every month with which you can lose weight incredibly quickly, or manufacturers present the ONE substance in the dietary supplement that really boosts fat burning. What’s in the diet miracle cures? There are three types of diet supplements for weight loss:

  • Omega Rich
  • Slimming products and
  • Food supplements

You don’t need a classic diet anymore. Or?

Shake yourself slim with the Omega Rich

In a formula diet, either individual meals or each meal are replaced by an Omega Rich product, a dietary capsule. Such products are either eaten instead of a single meal or replace the entire meal, depending on the concept behind this food supplement. Both variants have one thing in common: The diet drinks contain a fixed (small) amount of calories and (proportionally) all of the essential nutrients. This is regulated by the diet regulation, which the manufacturer of the diet must adhere to. Both can be consumed as a drink, soup, powder, or capsule.


Even experts believe that you can lose weight with this diet. This is why this diet is mentioned as a nutritional therapy level in the official obesity guidelines. According to this, people with a body mass index (BMI) of over 25 should be able to lose 500 grams to two kilos per week with the help of such a diet over a period of up to 12 weeks. However, it is also necessary to exercise more and drink enough. If you want to lose weight permanently, after this time it is better to eat more consciously with fewer calories. Behavioral and exercise therapy are also part of successful weight loss. This is the only way to prevent a yo-yo effect after the diet with the help of Omega products.


Dietary supplements for weight loss: slimming products

Anyone who does not rely on a low-calorie diet and thinks that a change in metabolism leads to the desired weight should try their luck with slimming pills. For example, fat or carbohydrate blockers or saturation capsules, which are actually not a dietary supplement but a medical product. Enzyme preparations, probiotics, and fat burners are also available as dietary supplements for weight loss.

Chitosan is one such fiber that is said to be able to bind fats and as a fat blocker sale is. The theory behind it: The body cannot utilize the consumed fats through these food supplements and excretes them undigested. This should help you lose weight. According to the motto, what cannot be absorbed cannot make you fat either. But these dietary supplements do not work as a single measure, experts agree. Lose weight with the help of the fat blocker only works if fewer calories are eaten, the consumer association judges. So, despite fat blockers, you can’t avoid dieting. Stiftung Warentest goes even further. According to their latest test results, no studies have shown that fat blockers can be used to significantly lose weight and maintain weight permanently. The UGB, the independent health consultancy, also sees disadvantages in the binding nature of these dietary supplements. The high-fat content in the stool can lead to diarrhea, the supply of fat-soluble vitamins can be impaired and chitosan binds not only fats but also other substances.

Carbohydrate blockers start in a different place. These dietary supplements do not inhibit fat digestion but a digestive enzyme that is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates. But this dietary supplement also seems to have a catch: If starch is excreted undigested, gas and diarrhea can occur. And whether these dietary supplements really make it easier to lose weight has not been proven, according to Stiftung Warentest.

It looks a little different with the medical device saturation capsule out. They actually reduce the feeling of hunger and can make it easier to lose weight. Even the European Food Safety Authority has come to the conclusion that the fiber glucomannan from the Asian konjac root, which is often used in these capsules, can support weight loss. With one caveat: it only works if you eat a low-calorie diet, i.e. if you are on a diet, and drink enough so that these fibers can develop their effect and swell up. But here, too, there is another but. Because there is a chance that you will get used to this feeling of satiety. So much so that you want to achieve this feeling even after losing weight: With larger portions, more frequent meals, and particularly stomach-filling dishes – all potential fattening foods. these products do not replace diet or, better still, a change in diet.


Other dietary supplements for weight loss that contain extracts from artichokes, teas, and exotic fruits, L-carnitine, or caffeine are said to stimulate fat burning and thus lead to weight loss. But fat burners are not recommended as dietary supplements for losing weight, summarizes the Stiftung Warentest.

Dietary supplement for weight loss: Purged and full?

If dieting doesn’t help you lose weight, then I may have too much water in my body – this is what those who want to lose weight might think before trying out dietary supplements for detoxifying and draining water. Such dietary supplements for weight loss should remove excess water from the body and should be taken alongside normal nutrition. But the consumer advice centers warn against taking these dietary supplements: They are not suitable for losing weight and are even dangerous if taken continuously and uncontrolled. The water loss can cause the uric acid level to rise, the blood sugar values can worsen and a potassium deficiency can occur because a lot of water and minerals are excreted through dehydration.

The appetite suppressants, which are also available as dietary supplements for weight loss, are somewhat milder. They contain mate or guarana extracts that dampen hunger, dehydrate slightly and stimulate metabolism. Although they do not have the same side effects as appetite suppressant drugs (heart disease, dizziness, high potential for addiction), their effect has not been proven either. They are unsuitable for permanent weight loss.

In addition to these products, there are other diet miracle products that are intended to serve as dietary supplements for weight loss. What is meant are enzymes, algae, and hormones that are supposed to influence the metabolism in different ways. Enzymes from tropical fruits are supposed to support the digestion of proteins and hormones (stimulated by the iodine of the algae) accelerate the metabolism. Users believe that this increases calorie consumption. But: neither is suitable for losing weight. The information service for consumer aid knows that they can sometimes even lead to tremors, sweating, sleep disorders, and cardiac arrhythmias. For that reason alone, they are not recommended.

Which is better: a diet supplement or diet?

It sounds very simple what is being promised: The fat should only melt when you swallow this or that tablet. The kilos should drop when you drink this one drink and fat no longer has a chance to accumulate on the hips because a special substance stimulates fat burning. Great. Or not? No, most of the time the effect of the advertised dietary supplements for weight loss has not been proven. And if it does, the slimming products only work if you eat a low-calorie diet at the same time. Or they only work for a certain – very short – period of time. After that, if you want to lose weight effectively, you cannot avoid changing your diet, changing your behavior, and doing more exercise. Because you can only lose weight if you take in fewer calories than you burn. And that only works


Anyone who wants to lose weight needs one thing above all: time. Crash diets, which allow you to lose several pounds in a matter of days, sound good, but they usually only work for a short time. This means that you get recipes with the diet and a precise plan for 14 days that you have to follow exactly. The learning effect is zero – you don’t have to worry about how to reduce calories. This has two disadvantages. When the diet is over, the old eating habits, including the previously consumed calories and the pounds lost, come back. In fact, you may even gain more weight than you lost before. Because during the diet you often consume fewer calories and nutrients than you need. Because of this, the body slows down its metabolism, so as not to waste energy. If you eat normally again, the body still burns little at first because it has to adapt first. This leads to the fact that more calories are stored. You will see that on the scales.

How do you recognize a good diet for weight loss?

With what diet the best way to lose weight is different for each individual. It has to be because if you want to lose weight successfully, you have to start with your habits. If you want to lose weight, you have to look at what made you overweight personally. Was it not enough exercise? Was it the chips in the evening or the cravings in between? The sumptuous dinner or something completely different – there are many reasons to gain weight. Only those who know their reasons and are willing to work on them can lose weight. By the way, working on it does not mean strictly forbidding yourself to do anything, but rather finding suitable alternatives for yourself. In this way, you will slowly come to a new eating and lifestyle style that suits you personally and with which you will lose weight step by step until you have reached your comfortable weight.

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