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Exercise & Diet – What Not To Eat – Vigorous Herbs

For many people, fitness is an important part of their life. But the healthy diet for athletes is often neglected, which results in only gradual success.

Exercise & Diet - What Not To Eat - Vigorous Herbs

Exercise & Diet – What Not To Eat – Vigorous Herbs

The right food before exercise and an adapted diet are the basic building blocks for successful training. It is important to avoid alcohol, sweets and fast food, as well as the necessary consumption of carbohydrates and protein.

In the following article you will find out what you shouldn’t eat and drink as an athlete. We will also show you tips and tricks on how you can increase your performance through nutrition.

Because a balanced diet is essential for athletes and non-athletes in order to keep your body healthy and functional for a long time.


What should you not eat as an athlete?
As an athlete, you have to pay attention to a lot. Last but not least, this includes your diet, which makes up a large part of your performance.

If the energy reserves you have built up through food are used up, you will also perform less during fitness training. But unhealthy food can also inhibit your performance potential.

Chocolate, fast food and fatty foods are among the no-go’s for athletes. But also for non-athletes, it is important not to consume too much of these things.

Tip: In addition to unhealthy food, you shouldn’t eat too many fats and carbohydrates before exercising. An uncomfortable bloated stomach could become noticeable here and you quickly feel limp.

How long should you not eat anything before exercising?
Eating before exercising is a hotly contested issue. The rule of thumb here is that you don’t consume too much 2 to 3 hours before exercising.

During this time, light meals are recommended, such as a banana or a low-fat quark with fruit. At best, around 8 hours before the training session, you should choose a meal that will give you a lot of energy.
This includes whole wheat pasta with lean chicken or fish, oatmeal , dates and nuts ( cashew nuts , hazelnuts ). For example, you could conjure up a delicious porridge with fruit, berries ( cranberry , raspberries , …) and nuts and then ideally draw on it during your training session.

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What should you not drink as an athlete?
Of course, sugary drinks are not the best choice for athletes. Basically, everyone should drink enough daily. For active people, the average amount they drink is approx.
2.6 liters per day. Water and unsweetened tea are ideal for replenishing the fluid balance. Already 500 milliliters are lost daily through the breath and the skin without us noticing and without obvious sweating.
In order for all processes in the body to run optimally, you have to drink enough daily. Alcohol should only be consumed in moderation. It dries out your body and damages your mechanism.
Tip: Have a cup of coffee occasionally before training and benefit from this energy boost.

Why should an athlete forego these foods?
One very clear reason is the drop in performance. Fat makes you sluggish and tired. In addition, high-fiber foods can promote a bloated stomach, which is anything but pleasant during exercise.
You are also at risk of heartburn, nausea and stitch, which in the worst case scenario may even make you stop training. You can easily prevent these unpleasant side effects by avoiding fat and unhealthy foods.
A healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables promotes your physical activity and gets you exactly where you want to be in terms of performance.


What can an athlete eat?
You are probably wondering what an athlete is even allowed to eat if he has to forego almost everything that is fun. But athletes also have the opportunity to eat tasty, but above all healthy.
Whole wheat pasta with chicken, porridge with fruit and chia seeds , delicious salads, quark with fruit, oatmeal with nuts and many other dishes are on the daily menu of athletes.

Non-athletes should also follow these guidelines in order to benefit from a healthy body.
Tip: You do not have to adhere strictly and without exception to a healthy diet, because you will quickly lose your desire to exercise. Feel free to indulge in some fast food or a piece of chocolate every now and then.
A balanced and healthy diet is important in order to allow your body functions to run optimally and not to risk malnutrition. This way your body recovers faster, especially after the workout.


Healthy breakfast from Vigorous Herbs for athletes
After fitness and also for a healthy breakfast , the body needs carbohydrates and protein. For this reason, you should eat something within 30 minutes of your workout.

The first real meal should take place after about 2 hours, so that the body receives all the necessary building blocks for efficient muscle regeneration and muscle mass is not unnecessarily broken down.

In addition, a healthy diet does not always have to be time-consuming. Herbs products support this thesis. They are ideal for any type of diet, regardless of whether you are vegan or sugar-free. We have also provided a gluten-free breakfast – so nothing stands in the way of your healthy breakfast!


The generous range offers the perfect products for every preference. At Vigorous Herbs, as a food manufacturer, we have a responsibility to contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

We focus on a balanced, warm breakfast consisting of complex carbohydrates, little sugar, lots of fiber, sufficient proteins and essential amino acids, healthy fats and valuable vitamins and minerals.
In this way, the body receives exactly the ingredients it needs every day to achieve optimal performance, whether during a sweaty training session or in normal everyday life.


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