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Find Joy in Difficult Times – Vigorous Herbs


It has been more than a year since our whole world was turned upside down by COVID-19. For some, that meant spending more time with loved ones and adjusting to unforeseen changes like working from home. For others, it may have resulted in more difficult circumstances, such as the loss of a loved one or time off and job loss. Now, with the promise of opening things up, new worries and anxieties have arisen around what the new “normal” will look like.

Find Joy in Difficult Times - Vigorous Herbs

Find Joy in Difficult Times – Vigorous Herbs


We start to come out on the other side. While it may seem different from how we remembered it before we entered our COVID hibernation, our love for our family, friends, and joy in reconnecting has remained the same. As we move into spring, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is grace and intentional moments of joy. It is a time to be gentle with ourselves, a time to nurture, and a time to grow. Whatever the meaning of joy to you, it can be harnessed in surprisingly simple ways, even in difficult times. Here are some tips on how you can cultivate joy not just for yourself but for the world around you.

Start small

Finding joy does not require immense effort. Instead, look for the little things that bring you joy. While this thing might seem trivial to others, all that matters is how important it is to you. “If something makes you feel good, brings you joy, or makes you laugh a little, or whatever, as long as it doesn’t harm you or anyone else, please do more now. Whether it’s pouring a cup of tea into your favorite mug, dancing to music for 30 seconds, or whatever, if anything brings you joy, just give it more. It’s actually part of survival.

Stop comparing yourself

Comparison is the ultimate thief of joy. It’s hard to avoid, especially in today’s world where social feeds are dominated by highly visible and social people. It’s easy to gauge how fit we are compared to the fittest person we know, or how smart we are compared to the smartest person we know. The ways we make comparisons can give us a biased view of our skills and experiences. It’s important to recognize that you’re probably using an unrealistic target when comparing yourself. Instead, try to focus on the positives: the skills you’ve improved over time, the qualities you like about yourself, and how others might see. you as a model.

Make personal care part of your daily routine

The term self-care is often used and can mean a lot of different things to different people. It is much easier said than done to unplug and give yourself some respite and relaxation, but devoting time throughout the day to doing something that brings you joy will have huge benefits for you. your general well-being. Whether it’s a quick stroll around the neighborhood or something as simple as enjoying your morning cup of coffee on the patio, be intentional about yourself and try not to stress over the miscellaneous.

Allow time to worry

Negative thoughts and emotions are an integral part of the human experience but can often lead to a spiral of worry. Dealing with spiraling thoughts can make us feel overwhelmed, helpless, and can ultimately prevent us from feeling joyful. One way to deal with these negative thoughts is to schedule time in your day to worry. Rather than trying to push those thoughts away, creating a space to mull over these negative thoughts can help set boundaries around your intentional self-care or relaxation time.


It is important to cultivate joy in one’s own life, but it is equally important to cultivate joy for others. There is a common phrase, “Better to give than to receive.” Studies show that doing good to others has a positive effect on our mental health. Acts of kindness go a long way and lead to higher levels of well-being and positive emotions. While the suffering in the world around us can seem overwhelming, it is also an opportunity to give back. One act of kindness triggers another, and no act of gratitude is too small or insignificant and will ultimately make the world we live in a better place.


One way to simultaneously cultivate joy in your own life and the lives of others is to remind yourself of your connectedness. It will be different for everyone. For some, it may be revisiting and sharing old memories while watching home videos and photos with family members. For others, it might be contacting old friends and checking out those we haven’t spoken to in a while. It can even be something as simple as writing thoughtful letters to your neighbors or dropping baked goods or treats in your community. Whatever you choose to do, embrace the human experience and find joy in the connection we all have with each other.

Free your inner child

As we age, we tend to lose sight of our inner child. It affects our ability to let go, be silly, and have fun. Engaging your youthful spirit is the key to finding joy. Throw a dance party around your house, run in the rain, or make a strong pillow like we did when we were kids. Releasing our inner child allows us to let go of all rigidity and experience the pure happiness that comes from the youthful spirit.

Appreciate the Little Things in Life

It could be the way the sun is shining through that tree outside your house, or your child’s laughter, or the feel of grass under your feet. Either way, it’s important now to take this time to find joy and hope in the little things. Try to find joy in unexpected moments each day and allow yourself to be present again in these simple moments of happiness. There is a semblance of normal on the horizon, and as the weather warms up we slowly begin to pick up the parts of our “normal” life and find a way to put them together like the parts of a new one. puzzle, we encourage you to rediscover what brings you joy through the smallest things.

Accept joy for what it is

Joy has a mysterious way of being in her, even through pain and sorrow. It does not always depend on “the right” circumstances, but rather can be felt deeply through our connection with others and can be found in the most surprising places. Joy is what you want it to be for yourself. What is important is that you take the time to find this joy on your own and cultivate joy in others through humor, appreciation, listening, and connection.

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