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Health | Fight Against Inactivity – My Advice To Be Active On A Daily Basis!

Inactivity kills more than smoking

There are phrases like that that stick to your neurons. That and “chocolate is good for your health” is a real treat for cocoa orgies.

Health - Fight Against Inactivity - Vigorous Herbs

Health – Fight Against Inactivity – Vigorous Herbs

Even more so if you have sat quietly all day screwed on your uncomfortable office chair. That you’ve been desperately trying to fix since your first day. Without success.

I’m not teaching you anything. I hope. We talk about it endlessly. Inactivity – not from my office chair. Nevertheless from there to say that vegetating was more dangerous than to bring me a packet of cigarettes there on the other hand I learn something.

So what are the police doing? The cigarette packs are nicely decorated with photos worthy of the latest Walking Dead episode (not terrible by the way). When will the fluorescent sign delivered to your leather sofa shamefully tell you “ sit still kills ”. Or the automatic chair which expels you after 45mn spent in front of your pc and which forces you to do 10 squats before you sit down.

Your body is your temple

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Just like the cigarette, no shock phrase, no police application, no health threat will do the job for you. The solution is in you. Said like that I feel like Jean Claude Vandame on caffeine. “Your body is your temple”. But in a way, JC was right. Being active every day is important to be well in your “temple”.

I am asked more and more often how to motivate myself to play sports . Getting the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier, stepping outside when it’s 5 degrees. Register for the room. And go there. Each is unique and the motivations of one are not those of the other. The solutions either. A little difficult in this case to make a magical topo of the “Todo” ideal to motivate yourself.

Just move

My advice ? Before passing the stage of integrating sport into your lifestyle, it is essential to get your body used to moving . And love it. Yes, just move. Be active for a few hours, minutes here and there.

This is primarily why I want to communicate, my little motivation at my level and my advice. Not to give you a listing of all our activities. Not to make you feel guilty about your TV show night. To make you want to move. Then to play sports. For me it’s in that sense, before learning to run we learn to walk. Everything is being done little by little and moving from stage 0 sport to “athletic” does not happen in a magic basketball shot.

Because being active doesn’t have to mean sweating in colorful leggings.

Moving is all the daily habits that will gradually make you aware of your body. And love to have an activity.

Moving is as easy as moving! Your body is made for that. If he’s lost the habit, you just have to give him back the taste!


In need of ideas to be active on a daily basis? Very simple examples:

  • Walking a little , a lot, passionately. Here and there. To replace some stations. To clear your mind during lunch break.
  • Take the bike to work. Or just for a walk.
  • Contract the glutes between two stations, if you take transport.
  • Get off one station before the usual one. The more the choice it will be necessary to walk.
  • Air out a little at noon by going for a short 10-minute walk.
  • Wiggle your butt when you like music in your apartment.
  • Take the stairs and not the elevator . Greener and better for your legs. We say it we repeat.
  • Contract the abs when you’re on the phone.
  • Think about getting up from your computer and stretching your legs! Nothing worse than a sedentary lifestyle in front of your screen.
  • Put yourself on tiptoe when you walk home, or brush your teeth.

These are already some simple habits to take on a daily basis. Which does not force you to shake up your schedule but already allows you to initiate a change, and I hope will push you to go further and further.

Adapted His Practice To His Life!

Each person is unique. Each metabolism, environment, liabilities, rhythm of life … a lot of factors play a daily role in the hygiene of life. It is difficult to establish a universal rule. It is one thing to give advice that is applicable to everyone, very generic. Really adapting is another. Many solutions exist to be able to move more on a daily basis. Registering for a gym is of course one of the simplest and ideal for a person who wants to break inactivity and get into sport little by little. Many rooms exist like the concept of  Curves, a fitness club with a 30-minute training circuit designed exclusively for women. This allows everyone to be accompanied in the beginning of their practice, and to go little by little in the construction of a healthier way of life. It is indeed recommended not to start alone, even if applications, youtube videos etc. are often very practical.

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