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In today’s fast-paced world, training is also picking up speed. A study has just shown that just one minute of vigorous exercise per day could significantly improve physical fitness. Is interval training the last excuse for people in a rush to exercise?

High-Intensity Training - The Interval That Changes Everything - Vigorous Herbs

High-Intensity Training – The Interval That Changes Everything – Vigorous Herbs

The news caused a stir on social media a few weeks ago. It must be said that the title was catchy: according to a study, just one minute of vigorous exercise a day, three times a week, would be enough to maintain shape. Yes, just one minute.


The premise sounds incredible, but it is true, argues researcher Martin Gibala, who led the study in the department of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. The public reaction was just as surprising: the news spread like wildfire on social media. “I suspected that the subject would arouse the interest of people, but I did not anticipate the magnitude”, launches Professor Gibala, the joint between two interviews.


The research was conducted among 27 men in the second half of their twenties (women will be the subject of a separate study), sedentary, but healthy. The experiment lasted 12 weeks, with three weekly exercise sessions. A first group followed a more traditional training, a second group was subjected to much shorter exercises, but more intense, and a third group, controlled, did not train.


For the two exercise groups, the warm-up (two minutes) and cool-down (three minutes) periods were identical. It was the rest of the training, performed on stationary bikes, that varied greatly. While the first group pedaled for 45 minutes at moderate intensity, the second group was subjected to intervals: they had to perform three 20-second sprints, interspersed with two minutes of recovery. The daily portion of the exercise for this group, therefore, totaled only 10 minutes, only one of which was at a vigorous pace.


Conclusion: in the subjects of these two groups, the physical form improved equally, and this, on all the planes evaluated by the researchers: the cardiovascular capacity, the control of the glycemia, and the muscles. However, one of the two groups had to invest five times more time than the other to achieve the same result!


not too surprised by these findings, since previous studies seemed to point in this direction. However, he wonders about the relationship between the intensity and the duration of a workout.

“The data clearly shows that you can exercise a surprisingly small amount and still get benefits, as long as you are prepared and able to exercise at a very intense pace.

Accessible to everyone

So is interval training only for people who are already at their peak?

believes that, on the contrary, its malleable appearance makes it accessible to everyone. “What is interesting with interval training is that the session can be modulated according to the abilities of each person, “The length and intensity of the periods of effort can vary greatly, as well as the recovery time between periods of work,” she continues.

The ultimate proof of its universality, this method has been shown to be effective with people who are obese, diabetic, or suffering from heart problems, specifies the kinesiologist.

Obtaining the agreement of his doctor – as the subjects participating in the study had previously done – would however be more careful,


This research is in tune with the times: HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is popular these days. This is not surprising since this method allows people to strengthen their muscles and lose weight while investing little time in training.

The intervals could even represent the point of salvation for extremely busy people, who would not otherwise train

“The main reason people give for not playing sports is a lack of time. What we tell them is that even if they only have 10 or 15 minutes in their day, they can still include some quality workouts. ”

But beware, even if condensing sports hours is a tempting solution, it is not a reason to become sedentary the rest of the time,

“If done right, interval training is very effective and easier to fit into a schedule. It’s just a matter of putting things in perspective and understanding that this is not a miracle solution that replaces the importance of being active on a daily basis. Getting to work by bike or on foot, or getting up from your seat during the day allows you to stay active in everyday life. “A lot of people work in office towers or live in apartment blocks, so it would be easy to incorporate a stair climb during the day or at lunchtime,” We must not be delusional, recalls the researcher, because there is no magic. “If you want to get by with a brief exercise, it has to be intense! ”

Other interesting methods

There are other methods of high-intensity interval training that can be supervised by a teacher, for example. Here are three examples.


Tabata is a Japanese training method that involves repeating an interval exercise for four minutes, using 20 seconds of sprinting followed by 10 seconds of rest. This four-minute series can be repeated four times.


7-minute workout

As its name suggests, the 7-minute Workout consists of performing a series of exercises in seven minutes at a time of speed (but for optimal benefits, you can do more than one series). These 12 exercises can be done anywhere because we only use a wall, a chair, and our body weight. Burpees, jumping jacks, sit-ups, plank, this workout works the cardio and the muscles.

There are several examples of 7-minute Workouts on the internet, and there are also many mobile applications.

Outdoor Cardio / Cardio Fit

This session, which lasts only 30 minutes, was designed specifically for people who are short on time. Cardiovascular capacity, muscular endurance, and weight loss are the goals of this interval training. Short, but intense!


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