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How To Strengthen Your Immune System During Coronavirus? – Vigorous Herbs

How to strengthen your immune system during Coronavirus?

Faced with the spread of the coronavirus, many of you are wondering about your immune defenses. Discover our explanations and advice!

Faced with the spread of the coronavirus, many of you are wondering about your immune defenses. We do not know how to avoid contamination by the virus but, by applying barrier gestures, we can limit this spread. Either way, understanding how your immune system works, protecting it by Best Plant-Based SupplementsNoni Natural and strengthening it is more necessary than ever. Our advice in this article.

How to strengthen your immune system during Coronavirus - Vigorous Herbs

How to strengthen your immune system during Coronavirus – Vigorous Herbs

What do we call the immune system?

The immune system is known as the body’s defender against infections. A good immune system attacks parasitic germs and helps you stay healthy. The reason COVID 19 is spreading so quickly and impacting so many people around the world is that we are not immune to it. Our immune system has never seen it before.

What is an “antibody”?

Antibodies (or immunoglobulins) are proteins produced by the immune system to help prevent intruders from harming the body. When an intruder enters the body, the immune system kicks in. These trespassers, called antigens, can be infections, microorganisms, or different synthetics.

What is immunity?

Immunity refers to the ability of an organism to resist infection (or toxin) through the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. There are two types of immunity:

natural immunity

and acquired immunity

Natural or innate immunity: immediate and active from birth

Innate (or natural) immunity is so named because it is present from birth and is not acquired following exposure to a virus. Innate immunity, unlike acquired immunity, has no memory of encounters, does not remember specific foreign antigens, and offers no permanent protection against future infection.


Acquired immunity: thanks to immune memory

When a virus has successfully crossed the body’s first barrier (innate immunity), a second barrier kicks in: acquired immunity. Also called adaptive or specific immunity, it is characterized by its ability to learn, adapt and remember.


Collective immunity to counter the Coronavirus?

In this time of Coronavirus, you have certainly heard of “collective immunity”. While India and many countries are taking containment measures to limit the spread of the virus, others are betting on collective immunity hoping to provoke long-term protection.

The concept: let the virus circulate until the majority of the population is infected and develops antibodies. The more the rate of immune people increases, the more the risk of meeting between a sick person and a non-immune person decreases, the virus ends up disappearing.

How can you say if you have a good immune system or not?

There are several signs that can alert you to the state of your immune system. Here are a few indicators of a weak or weakened immune system:

You are often stressed

You are regularly prone to colds, tonsillitis

You have a lot of stomach problems (diarrhea, gas, constipation, loss of appetite, stomach aches, cramps, etc.)

Your wounds take time to heal

You frequently have various infections

You feel tired all the time

How to boost your immune system naturally?

While there is currently no miracle solution against the Coronavirus, here are some tips to protect and strengthen your natural defenses. Recommendations are valid all year round!


The reminder of good practices!

Wash your hands properly and regularly: Proper handwashing lasts 20 seconds, and do not miss any area (think the wrists) with soap or using a hand sanitizer containing more than 60% alcohol. You can also prepare an organic solution according to our recipe.


Our Organic Solution

  • In a 50 ml bottle of black seed oil, add 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 5 drops of tea tree essential oil, and 5 drops of noble laurel essential oil.
  • Avoid smoking: Smoking increases the risk of catching infections and suffering serious complications.
  • Watch your alcohol consumption: tasty, happy, disinhibiting, alcohol (or ethanol) remains a toxic substance for your body. Maximum 2 glasses per day and not every day!

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

  • Engage in leisure activities. You’ve heard it a thousand times: stress (and its hormone: cortisol) is bad for your health. It would even be able to decrease or even suppress immune responses. Why not practice some relaxation, meditation, or sophrology exercises? These will help you release tension, relax and reduce your anxiety.
  • Practice physical activity: during confinement, it is important to maintain physical activity. Thanks to the Internet, there are many tutorial videos of sports exercises to do at home.
  • Eat healthily: we cannot repeat it enough a balanced diet has beneficial effects on your health! But what to eat to strengthen the immune system? Opt for vitamin food sources adding to your shopping list: kiwis, oranges, broccoli, spinach, or almonds, perfect to boost your immune system.
  • How to fight against stress?

The period of confinement linked to the Coronavirus epidemic can become a source of stress for many of us.

Here are some recommendations for food supplements to reduce stress :

  • Vital Calm +
  • Transcutaneous magnesium (At the heart of the Traditions)
  • Omega 3 (activ +) or in capsule or yalacta stabilise: 2 to 4 capsules per day
  • Vegetable Omega 3 (Dietaroma)
  • For Less Stress

1 capsule per day or transcutaneous magnesium spray to put on the shoulders or the hollow of the elbows


In case of very strong anxiety:

  • Or extract of fresh passionflower plant: 100 drops in a 50 cl bottle to drink during the day

In case of great irritability, impatience: Vigorous Herbs provide Various Plant-Based Supplements To Boosts Your Stamina and Energy. You can try them according to body type and requirement.

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