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Increase testosterone levels By Vigorous Herbs

Many men suffer from low testosterone levels and their physical and psychological consequences. For women, the so-called phytoestrogens have long been known for hormonal disorders, which can help in the naturopathic harmonization of the hormone balance. Phytoandrogens for men, however, are much less well known but can help men increase their testosterone levels. In addition, certain vital substances and foods can be selected that have a positive effect on testosterone levels Low Testosterone Levels – The Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency They are not yet really accepted by our society – male menopause – but of course, that does not change their existence. Men who are affected will experience falling testosterone levels and associated symptoms, including the following:

  • Irritability, dissatisfaction, and anxiety
  • Lack of energy and tiredness (e.g. falling asleep right after eating), again sleep disorders at night
  • Decreasing libido
  • Less common morning erections
  • Dwindling muscle strength
  • Lower sporting performance and lower performance in everyday work
  • Hot flashes, sweats
  • Testicles that are getting smaller
  • Less beard and chest hair growth
  • Reinforced abdominal fat
  • Metabolic syndrome symptoms (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure)
  • Decreasing bone density
  • Joint pain (which has nothing to do with osteoarthritis or arthritis, but is hormonal)

The symptoms of testosterone deficiency already show what tasks testosterone – the so-called male hormone – normally has in healthy men:

It gives you strength and assertiveness, ensures a healthy libido and potency, increases bone density, and lets body hair sprout. Women also have testosterone, but in much smaller amounts than men.

Increase testosterone levels By Vigorous Herbs

Improves sexual health and increases libido by Vigorous Herbs

Anabolic Charge supplement is beneficial for improving your athletic performance in daily life boosting your stamina and energy levels. It helps the brain function, including memory, and aids in reducing stress & anxiety, leaving you to feel less stressed and at ease. It also improves sexual health and increases libido and might also be helpful in treating infertility and the management of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Menopause in men: does it exist or does it not exist?

Why is male menopause not taken seriously? Quite simply because most medical scientists are still of the opinion that they do not exist – and not because they have not yet been found in any study. The focus is too much on a comparison with menopausal women. The woman loses her fertility during menopause, the man not necessarily. So there is no menopause in men.

Menopause, however, is not defined in terms of fertility. Menopause is just a time of hormonal changes and diminishing hormonal performance – and this is exactly the time for men.

Due to the ignorance on the part of the so-called “experts”, the symptoms are not recognized or misinterpreted. The corresponding psychological complaints are only too gladly attributed to a midlife crisis, which of course breaks into the life of the man in question for absolutely no reason. Physical symptoms, on the other hand, are viewed as completely normal signs of age that appear sooner or later and with which one has to come to terms – as is often the case from the perspective of conventional medicine. Even today, hardly any doctor thinks about a testosterone deficiency.

The problem is occasionally raised in the media, e.g. For example, in Die Welt on January 5th, 2009: “Every fifth man has too little testosterone in his blood,” read there, and “Doctors are puzzling over the causes: not only in old age, increasingly younger people also have a deficiency.”

Declining testosterone levels: the causes
“Younger” here means 30 to 40 year olds. Harald Jörn Schneider, endocrinologist at the Munich University Hospital, explains that low testosterone levels can already exist at this age when certain factors come together.

This includes:

Overweight with a lot of abdominal fat (apple type), as the female hormone estrogen is particularly formed in the abdominal fat tissue. The following applies: the richer the stomach, the lower the testosterone level. And: if you are overweight and want to increase your testosterone level, you have to lose weight.
Stress, as the stress hormone cortisol lowers testosterone levels.
Lack of exercise as exercise raises testosterone levels.
One of the most important causes of falling testosterone levels is also the hormonal effect of the so-called endocrine disruptors . These are chemicals from the environment that have a similar effect on the body as hormones and can therefore irritate the hormone balance. We have already reported about it here under “Hormone enemy No. 4”: Hormone disorders caused by endocrine disruptors ndocrine disruptors include, for example

Plasticizers such as bisphenol A , which is found in plastics made of polycarbonate, epoxy resins, polyester, PVC etc., as well as in receipts.
Organophosphates (pesticides in agriculture and allotment gardens)
Phthalates in pharmaceuticals (e.g. in those that are gastric acid-resistant, i.e. only release their active ingredients in the intestine), plastics and personal care products
Flame retardants known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) e.g. B. in upholstered furniture
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which come from exhaust gases from burning wood and petroleum or coal
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), once used as coolants and lubricants for transformers or other electronic equipment (PCBs have been banned, but can persist in the environment for decades.)
So we are constantly bypassing these substances, no matter what we do, what we buy, what we eat. And so it is no wonder when the consequences of this constant hormonal load from the outside show up in the form of health complaints.

Some people prefer to close their eyes in view of this very obvious situation. For example, on March 19, 2015, Spiegel Online quoted the India Society for Endocrinology as saying: “There is no menopause in men. Age- elated testosterone deficiency affects only a few.”

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men – The Side Effects

Menopause is a typical disease invention that only the pharmaceutical industry benefits from. She rightly draws attention to the dangers of replacement therapy with synthetic hormones, which some so-called anti-aging doctors would like to recommend to their male patients.

Synthetic hormone replacement therapy is actually only to be used in cases of hardship. For example, it can damage the liver and kidneys, lead to cardiovascular problems, increase the cholesterol level, enlarge the sebum glands, irritate the thyroid, increase the risk of depression or increase the PSA level (which can indicate a prostate disease including prostate cancer) .

Have testosterone levels measured
Who is right and whether one wants to call the age-related testosterone deficiency as menopause or not, can be completely indifferent to the individual man. He suffers from a certain complex of symptoms and would like to know what is the cause.

In order to rule out a testosterone deficiency, one could therefore simply initiate a corresponding blood test at the family doctor or urologist, or andrologist, whereby it often takes a lot of persuasions until the respective doctor agrees.

Testosterone home test There are now home tests that can be ordered online. To do this, a saliva sample is sent to a laboratory, which reports the result within a few days. You can choose which hormones you want to have tested

However, it is often not only the amount of a single hormone that matters but also the ratio of the various hormones to one another (testosterone, estradiol, and DHEA (DHEA is the precursor of both female and male sex hormones)). Therefore, there are also tests that examine all sex hormones that are relevant for men.

A blood test usually checks several hormones at the same time.

Advantage of the saliva test: While the hormones bound to proteins and therefore ineffective are measured in the blood, only the free and effective hormones are present in the saliva. Increase testosterone levels – the naturopathic measures
If the testosterone level is perfect, there is no need for further consideration in this direction. However, if you actually notice a low testosterone level, you can help the person concerned – not necessarily with synthetic hormone preparations, but also in a very gentle way, e.g. B.

  • with the phytoestrogens mentioned at the beginning,
  • with special natural food supplements and vital substances,
  • with certain foods and – if there is no other way –
  • with bioidentical hormone preparations.
  • Not to forget erotic films (but also funny films or action films), which is a study that led to a clear increase in testosterone levels in test subjects after just 4 minutes. Sad films, on the other hand, reduced testosterone levels. A five-minute conversation with an attractive woman is enough to increase testosterone levels by 30 percent.

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