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Tip 1: Eat and drink healthily

The first thing that is commonly associated with a healthy lifestyle is diet. We Indian spend an average of 105 minutes a day eating and drinking. For a healthy diet it is important to eat regularly and in a balanced way. This is the only way for digestion to work optimally. That means eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, covering your own nutritional requirements as much as possible and eating as little fats and sweets as possible. But nothing should be forbidden. One or the other handful of sweets or a sip of alcohol here and there is of course allowed, after all, you shouldn’t bend over. The most important part of proper nutrition is that you drink enough water. The right amount for this depends on your body weight, height and many other factors such as exercise, etc., but it shouldn’t be less than two liters a day for anyone.

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Tip 2: relaxation

Tip number two should particularly please many: Relaxation. A healthy work-life balance is very important for your well-being. This also means that you take enough time to relax and get a good night’s sleep. When you sleep, your body slows down your metabolism and you have time to regenerate. This is important so that you can start with full energy the next day. In today’s social media era, it is particularly important to consciously establish mobile and computer-free time before going to bed. Not checking your emails, the latest photos and postings, etc. immediately can be very beneficial


Tip 3: exercise

The last tip is: exercise. This building block is also important for a healthy lifestyle. Only those who get enough exercise, fresh air and light activate their defenses. Sun and daylight fill the vitamin D balance and increase the mood. You will find that a short walk in the fresh air will lift your mood on a bad day. Using the stairs instead of the simpler variant, the elevator, will also help you to keep fit. Exercise improves your physical constitution, you have more stamina and you feel healthier. The whole thing in the fresh air and you get oxygen at the same time, so a win-win situation. If you haven’t found a suitable sport for you yet, you can find it on our blog enough inspiration for beginners. If you would rather keep fit by running, here are tips for beginners . If you prefer movement and mobilization, we recommend  Yoga exercises” >our yoga exercises for beginners . No matter what sport you do, every movement helps keep your body fit.


A healthy lifestyle therefore consists of three components: diet, relaxation and exercise. If you bring them into harmony, you will notice that you feel more and more comfortable in your own skin, that many things are easier for you and that you are happier. Do you want to start fully motivated and do a sports session straight away? Then secure your new outfit here. After all, what motivates you more than wearing your new outfit? Only those who feel comfortable can train effectively.

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