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Live Healthily With The 15 Best Tips For Nutrition – Vigorous Herbs

Living healthily is easier said than done. Again and again we get advice and tips from friends or acquaintances to eat healthier or to do more sport. That often sounds like overcoming and self-regulation, but actually there is nothing to do with healthy living. To make it a little easier for you to swap old habits for healthier ones, we have put together a total of 15 tips from three categories for you. So that you can see what you are looking for quickly and at a glance, we give you tips from the categories here

Live Healthily With The 15 Best Tips For Nutrition - Vigorous Herbs

Live Healthily With The 15 Best Tips For Nutrition – Vigorous Herbs

  • Tips about nutrition
  • Sports tips – this is the best way to motivate yourself
  • You don’t just want to live healthy: Tips for your well-being

These tips will help you to make your everyday life healthier in the long term with just small changes. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you if you implement any of these tips. With a healthier lifestyle, you will feel fitter, more balanced, and just more comfortable , you will see.

Tips about nutrition

The first step to a healthy lifestyle is eating. We list the most important points and tips for you here that you should consider:

To get started, make sure you include enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. The goal is five servings, with one serving roughly equating to a good handful. You should make sure that you eat not only vegetables, but also fruit. There is a small rule for the selection: the more colorful, the better. So eat green, yellow, and red vegetables and fruits. Make it a habit in your life, in the office or at home, to have an apple, a few carrots or something else healthy as a snack. Provide variety, there are no limits to your creativity.


  • Do you have a garden? Then you will definitely have a space free to grow some fruit or vegetables. It is best to take  organic plants . There are good reasons to have your own healthy vegetables and fruits in the garden: First, it is great fun to watch your own plants grow and flourish. Second, meals made from home-grown fruits and vegetables taste much better. And third, you know that it is really healthy too. Because if you buy organic cuttings and you don’t use insect repellent or the like, you have pure nature on your plate.


  • Of course, you don’t have to go without meat in order to live healthy. But you can try it. Books with great recipes and ideas  are for example peace food – the vegan cookbook or … but vegan.


  • Drinking enough is also important for a healthy everyday life  . The guideline here is to drink at least two liters a day, but it is better to drink more. If you are a taller woman or if you exercise a lot, it is advisable to drink three liters a day. If you want to drink healthily, you can use water, fruit juices or tea. Drinks with a lot of sugar, alcohol and coffee shouldn’t be among the two to three liters of fluids you should consume each day.


  • Unhealthy diet and harmful environmental influences such as drugs or electromagnetic waves from cell phones, computers and televisions inhibit the metabolism in our body. Cancer, heart and vascular diseases can also be triggered by free radicals. Therefore, you should make sure that you get enough vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene and cysteine. This is how you can prevent free radicals. The following foods have anti-radical effects:  green tea, grapes, soy products, broccoli, garlic, tomatoes and apples.


  • If you move around a lot and do sport, you should have a balanced ratio of nutrientsregard. It is essential to eat something after training. Fasting because you want to lose weight is definitely not a good idea. After exercising, the body’s energy balance needs to be replenished. Therefore, about 60% of your post-exercise meal should be carbohydrates. For example, rice, potatoes or pasta can keep the body’s energy and blood sugar levels in balance. About 30% of your post-exercise meal should be protein. Protein ensures muscle building. Food such as turkey or chicken, lean curd, tuna, salmon or eggs are particularly suitable for consuming the nutrient protein. Only a maximum of 10% of the meal should be fats, because this is what the body needs the least. You should therefore use it sparingly, especially after exercising.


  • The time of meals also plays a large and important role in a healthy diet . It is best for the body to eat regularly. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at roughly the same time every day gives the body a rhythm that it needs to digest everything carefully. It is also important that you do not eat too late, because digesting while you sleep can lead to insomnia.


Sports tips – this is the best way to motivate yourself

Sport is the best way to balance out a stressful everyday life . If you exercise regularly , your body can do more even on long days and stressful times at work and at home. When you go running or doing any other sport, you are not only doing your body good. It is also a great balance for your brain: because you can let your thoughts run free while exercising. Your soul will also be delighted, because after exercising you usually feel fitter and more balanced. This is mainly due to the fact that happiness hormones are released in the brain during exercise.



The first rule in sport is: do not overwhelm your body!Start with a smaller amount of exercise and increase in small increments each day. In this way, your body can get used to the increased stress in small steps and you can notice success more quickly. This is also good for your motivation, because it is a lot higher if you see a small improvement every day. In order not to overwhelm your body, you should also take regular breaks. For example, if you go running, you should take a rest day about every fourth day. It is also better to do only half an hour to an hour of sport a few days a week than to exercise too long over several hours in one day. This enables your body to better regulate its energy balance. If you mainly do sports that use muscles, you should also pay attention to the stretching.


It is particularly healthy to do sports in the fresh air . Not only do you move around, but your lungs breathe healthy, fresh air at the same time. So get out of your running shoes and go for a run. Or you can use the next playground as a training device: For example, you can do pull-ups on a horizontal bar and thus strengthen your arm muscles.


If you have problems motivating yourself to exercise, there is a remedy here: If you prefer to move around at home, in your daily environment, it is particularly pleasant to do your exercises with nice music or in front of the television. Sit-ups, push-ups, stretches and other simple training exercises go alongside: with music or a different background, you don’t just concentrate on the sport, which makes it much easier. Do you like to exercise outside, for example in a fitness studio it is advisable to book a course at a fixed time during the week. So you have a fixed point in your everyday life and you have a kind of compulsion behind it, after all, you paid for it. If that’s still not motivation enough, grab your best friend and do some sports together. After all, it’s easiest together.


  • What you should also pay attention to is the right clothing for sports . If it is pretty, it is motivating enough to move around in. But above all your body will thank you, because with the right shoes you can avoid bad posture. With the right clothing, you will avoid wet clothing while exercising and you will not get sick from it. Therefore, the best thing to do is to seek advice from the sports shop. Wear sports or running shoes that are adapted to your feet and make sure you wear breathable clothing. This way, doing sports is much more fun and life is twice as beautiful.
You don’t just want to live healthy: Tips for your well-being

The most important thing, however, is that you and your body are fine with what you are doing. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to diet and exercise, but also to your well-being.

  • Get enough sleep. During sleep, your body recovers from the stressful everyday life and processes the experiences of the previous day together with your mind. The most restful sleep is in the hours before midnight. So try not to go to bed too late to treat your body and an effective break.
  • Make sure you have enough fresh air. Ventilate regularly, especially when you need to be productive. But even when you go to sleep, open the window. If that is too cold for you in the winter months, it is best to ventilate a quarter of an hour before going to bed. So you have enough fresh air at night.
  • To relax you can take advantage of a massage, meditation or acupuncture. This releases cramps in the body and is simply pleasant. Acupuncture minimizes energy-reducing influences and knows how to balance the energy, so that you and your health are supported and promoted.

The most important thing, however, is: take time for yourself ! Take the time to read a good book, take a walk, take a hot bath, or just do whatever you feel like doing. Make no conscious effort to do anything, do not schedule appointments and just let your mind wander. Time out for your body, mind and soul is the healthiest thing you can ever do.

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