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More Lust for sex: 8 Tips to Naturally Increase your Libido – Vigorous Herbs

If the desire for sex continues to decline, there could be a number of reasons – but not all of them are obvious. Here you can find out what could be behind this and which 8 measures you can take to fight against the loss of libido.

More Lust for sex: 8 Tips to Naturally Increase your Libido - Vigorous Herbs
More Lust for sex: 8 Tips to Naturally Increase your Libido – Vigorous Herbs

Sometimes the love life is  bewitched: No matter what you try and how hard you try, the desire for sex just doesn’t really want to arise.

It can sometimes take some time until the cause is found, because the problem is not always immediately obvious.

The loss of libido can have psychological as well as physical or medical reasons. 

We reveal eight common causes of reluctance to have sex and physical closeness – and how you can best deal with them.

1. Tip: replace hormonal contraceptives

Of course, each couple has to decide individually which contraceptive is the right one. But it has been scientifically proven that hormonal methods – such as the pill – can upset the hormonal balance of women.

One of the consequences of this is that users feel less desire for sex overall: “At least 50 percent of my patients are affected,” said the Vigorous Herbs.

Anyone who has the feeling that a hormonal contraceptive has torpedoed the hormonal balance and thus the libido could first try to see whether there is an improvement after stopping it.

However, this requires patience, because it can take some time before the hormonal balance is back in balance. 

Tip 2: Eat foods that increase libido

Dark chocolate has been a classic among culinary pleasure makers for years. The reason: the high cocoa content promotes the release of phenylethylamines and serotonin – two substances that are associated with the creation of feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Whether the lust-increasing effect in the case of dark chocolate is actually physical and not more psychological in nature cannot be precisely proven. The exact reasons behind it are not that important, as long as you have the feeling that it works.

There are other foods that are said to be able to increase libido. These include fruits as well as vegetables and spices:

  • Bananas
  • Blackberries
  • Watermelons
  • Figs
  • Avocados
  • broccoli
  • ginger
  • ginseng
  • saffron
3rd tip: have your thyroid checked

When it comes to a loss of libido, one should always think of the thyroid gland – even if that may not be the first possible cause that comes to mind.

The reason is that the metabolism is automatically reduced when the thyroid slips into an underactive state . The body then has less energy available, which is why it shuts down those functions that are not essential to life.

At the top of the list of body functions for which there is no energy left in this case is the libido. 

Anyone who notices that the desire for sex is decreasing and at the same time perhaps even noticing other symptoms of a thyroid disorder, such as a change in weight, depression or circulatory disorders, should consult a doctor.

4th tip: Get rid of conflicts with your partner

Psychological trauma and unresolved emotional conflicts can also block the libido.  

Often you notice immediately that the desire for physical closeness diminishes when the relationship is in a crisis. It is then important to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. Then things should automatically be better in bed too.

If one partner wants more than the other, this also harbors potential for conflict – because the rejected person feels rejected, while the other feels pressured. Hopefully, those who speak openly with each other will find a solution that both are happy with.

Tip 5: Learn to love your own body

It is difficult to let yourself fall in bed if you can’t stand your own body and if you don’t feel comfortable naked.

Feeling sexy and desirable is a real engine for a fulfilling sex life – and also for the creation of lust.

What can help is the realization that every body is unique and different: Not everyone looks like the bikini babes and musclemen we are confronted with every day on social networks, among other things. And that’s just as well!

If you continue to feel uncomfortable even after trying to accept yourself, you should try to address the problem as best you can. For example, exercise and eat a healthy diet if you feel uncomfortable making love because of a few pounds too much on your hips.

Tip 6: do sports

If you lack libido, exercise is not only recommended for reasons of self-love. Because sport can also help to reduce stress – which in turn is often responsible for the discomfort.

In addition, a lack of exercise causes the blood circulation to slow down. This is fatal, because it is extremely important for arousal and sexual stimulation. Ultimately, satisfaction also depends on this.

7th tip: fight obesity

Body weight is closely related to the hormonal balance, as various studies in the past have shown. Therefore it can be that overweight or obesity influence the feeling of pleasure.

“Up to 40 percent of men with a big belly, a disturbed metabolism, or even type 2 diabetes mellitus lack the sex hormone testosterone, ” according to the ‘Vigorous Herbs’. 

In turn, low testosterone levels not only reduce libido, but have also been linked to numerous health disorders, such as diabetes and a higher risk of heart attacks. 

8. Tip: Pay attention to sleep and relaxation

For many men, sex is a tried and tested means of reducing stress, whereas women often don’t get going when they are stressed. 

In order to regain the relaxation necessary for a fulfilling sex life, regular and adequate sleep can help. Because those who do not get enough rest perceive everyday life as stressful more quickly and cannot properly reduce existing stress. 

Meditation, yoga, or other ways to relax can also be helpful if things don’t work out in bed. The best ways for reducing stress in everyday life make you betray a psychologist in another article. Read More

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