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Special Juices For Your Health – Vigorous Herbs

Juices for your health can do more than just taste good, because they have medicinal properties that you should use against various ailments.

Special Juices For Your Health - Vigorous Herbs

Special Juices For Your Health – Vigorous Herbs

Special Papaya Juice For Your Health: Papaya Juice

If you want to use juices for your health , they should be pure, i.e. without added sugar and consist of 100% fruit, so that you can use their full effectiveness. Depending on the complaint, you can use juices for your health in a variety of ways. Learn more!

Which juices are good for your health
If you want to use juices for your health, it is not only important which ingredients they contain, but also that they are as fresh as possible. A fruit nectar or a fruit juice drink is pointless if you want to use juices for your health.

If you have a juicer, strong blender, blender or hand blender, you can make the drinks yourself. That’s perfect.
Make sure you use juices for your health, not to put bacon on your hips.

As an everyday drink, juices are generally unsuitable because they contain a lot of calories and sugar . In everyday life, please eat the fruit fresh whole! You should only use juices for your health if you have ailments in order to use the concentrated power of fruits or vegetables.

Pineapple juice against inflammation
Therefore, this active ingredient is also often recommended after dental or oral surgery interventions.
In order to absorb the necessary amount of bromelain, you have to integrate a lot of pineapple into the menu or make a juice from it.

Since the pineapple contains a lot of fibers, you need a very strong blender to make a healing pineapple juice from fresh pineapple and some water.

If you only occasionally suffer from joint problems and want to prevent inflammation and swelling, simply integrate pineapple products such as pineapple juice or fresh pineapple into your daily menu.

Lingonberry juice against urinary tract infections
We have used cranberries to prevent urinary tract infections for generations . In North America, the juice made from cranberries is known for the same purpose. Make sure, however, that it is pure juice from cranberries or lingonberries and not nectar. You can get it in health food stores or health food stores.

Papaya juice for indigestion
Papaya contains valuable enzymes that break down protein . This useful property is used, for example, in the tropics to tenderize tough meat. To do this, the meat is soaked in papaya juice for a while.
If the reason for your stomach ache is poor digestion, because you have a high protein food.
Buy a fresh, ripe papaya. If the papaya is yellow on the outside and has very few green spots or spots, it is fully ripe. The pulp should be dark orange and smell wonderful.


Don’t throw away the seeds! The pits contain more of this enzyme than the pulp!

Puree the pulp to make juice, you may need to add a little more water. The kernels taste a little like cress, this comes from the mustard oils they contain. They are spicy and also have an antibacterial effect in your digestive tract.

In Latin America the kernels are also eaten against worms! Drink the papaya juice and chew the seeds with it. The kernels have to be chewed, only then will they work!

Potato juice for heartburn
In naturopathy, potato juice has been used against heartburn for generations. Pregnant women in particular swear by it! However, pregnant women should take the risk of solanine poisoning for their unborn child seriously and not make potato juice themselves, but only buy it from bottles!
Potato juice binds the excess stomach acid that leads to acidic burping and heartburn. A glass of potato juice soothes the discomfort in a natural way!

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