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The 10 Rules For A Healthy Body – Vigorous Herbs

Feeling good in your body and in your mind, it’s not that complicated. All it takes is a little sport, a green diet and a breath of fresh air. Quickly, we follow the 100% detox program worthy of Olympic athletes.

The 10 Rules For A Healthy Body - Vigorous Herbs

The 10 Rules For A Healthy Body – Vigorous Herbs

Living food

Rest assured, it’s not about eating insects and other strange plants. Live food consists of sprouted seeds, micro-algae (chlorella and spirulina), oleaginous fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables (to be consumed raw preferably), garlic, grass juice, ginger and lacto-fermented drinks. Why is it good for the body? These foods are rich in enzymes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidant active ingredients but low in calories. They therefore help to keep the line and beautify the complexion. An explosive cocktail for the body and the skin.

How to adopt them on a daily basis?

Season the dishes with garlic and ginger and sprinkle them with sprouted seeds. As for smoothies , they are turning green: we mix spinach leaves and spirulina (on sale in organic stores). At aperitif time, we swap the tzatziki toast for toast made with seaweed tartare. And for the more motivated, we test the herbal juice at Cojean .

A healthy menu

From time to time, it is good to put your body to rest. Whether you want to eliminate the excess from the day before or shed a few extra pounds, here is an example of a menu to follow without too much sacrifice.

Breakfast :

a green tea or an infusion (cherry tail, rosemary…) without sugar + a slice of wholemeal bread + a piece of fruit.

Lunch and dinner:

cooked vegetables or raw vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil + lean fish (cod, pollack or sole) or meat (preferably chicken breast) at one of the two meals + a small piece of bread or a small portion of semolina + 0% yogurt.


a fruit or a yogurt 0%

One spa treatment per year

RTT or vacation, we take the opportunity to book a detox cure. For 3 to 6 days (depending on the length of time chosen), Adopt a healthy diet accompanied by relaxing treatments: massages, massages, hydromassage baths with algae and green tea wraps. But also, a few aqua gym sessions to let off steam. The goal? Provide new energy to your body.

Detox Cure,

Detox fruits

While all fruits are healthy, some are more detoxifying than others. Which? Apple, banana, kiwi, pineapple, cherry, lemon and blueberry. All of them are rich in potassium, vitamin C and fiber. So formidable anti-oxidants. And thanks to their diuretic properties, they facilitate digestion and promote the urinary elimination of toxins.

A sports activity

Yes, but not just any. Whether you want to get rid of your cellulite , improve your immune system or relieve your back pain, you choose the right sport.

Aquabiking , formidable against cellulite:

Tapered legs, we all dream of them. And it is not impossible thanks to this discipline. When you pedal in the water, the silhouette is refined and the thighs are muscled. All without pain and without risk for the joints. The movement of water massages the legs and thus effectively fights against the water retention responsible for cellulite. Without suffering too much, we get a pretty silhouette. And casually, a session is 300 to 500 kcal eliminated.

Jogging, to stimulate our immune system:

To keep in shape, running is the easiest way. We put on our sneakers 3 times a week and we run 30 to 45 minutes depending on the possibilities of each. As a result, loss of fat mass, improvement of blood circulation and stimulation of the immune system. Jogging also maintains healthy cholesterol levels. Ideal for staying healthy.

Swimming, good for the back:

Beneficial for the whole body, swimming works both the lower and upper limbs. Immersion in water removes 80% of our weight thus relieving back pain. Also effective against circulation disorders, this discipline is ideal for those with heavy legs. The movement of the water performs a lymphatic massage on the legs. In summer, we take advantage of the sea baths to do a daily swimming session.

Eliminate toxins

To purify your body, it is better to have a few tips on hand.

After sport, shower immediately:

After a good workout, we go straight into the shower. Without waiting. Why ? The perspiration that we evacuate during physical exercise is full of toxins. It is therefore necessary to unclog the pores as quickly as possible at the risk of seeing ugly acne pimples appear.

Tobacco, to be avoided:

It is well known that tobacco is bad for your health. And there’s no point in adopting a detox lifestyle if you can’t do without it. No need to list all its misdeeds, but remember that a cigarette is more than 40 carcinogenic substances. A good reason to quit, isn’t it? If you can’t do it on your own, you call in a doctor or a tobacco specialist.

Rice on the plate:

It is not only fruits that have detox virtues, rice too. Rich in potassium, it stimulates the expulsion of toxins while giving a feeling of satiety. But if you are not a great sportswoman, you do not abuse it.


Herbal tea to purify yourself:

In addition to green tea, we test infusions based on birch and orthosiphon which promote the elimination of toxins. The first, excellent against water retention, is diuretic and dis infiltrating. As for the second, it drains the body and helps lower cholesterol levels. They are used in addition to each other for optimal efficiency.

Cleanse the skin

Subject to stress and pollution, the skin also needs to be purified. Here are some treatments to adopt.

A magnesium sulfate bath:

Magnesium salt, also called Epsom salt, has many virtues. Poured into a hot bath, it warms the body and thus eliminates toxins through perspiration. Like in the sauna. It is also a complement to anti-cellulite treatments . It can be used as a scrub to rid the body of dead cells.

An anti-pollution cream for the face:

We help the skin to defend itself against the harmful effects of pollution with green tea and / or vitamin E cream. These antioxidant substances fight against free radicals and maintain the purity of the skin. We opt for the Hydra-Detox cream from Biotherm or Multi-Active Jour from Clarins.

Lymphatic drainage:

This form of massage boosts white blood cells responsible for absorbing dead cells and toxins. Often practiced by a physiotherapist, it takes about ten sessions to get a boost. Around € 43 per session.

Drive away stress

Burden of everyday life, it is often difficult to escape stress. When you come home after work, you reserve a few minutes just for yourself. And we allow ourselves a self- massage of the face . For example, the smoothing of the eyebrows: the eyebrows are gently pinched along the entire length by grasping them between the thumb and forefinger. Then we smooth them with your fingertips. The upper part of the face is relaxed and the eyes are relieved. To soothe anxiety, apply a few drops of chamomile essential oils to the solar plexus (area between the breastbone and the navel), the arch of the foot and the inner side of the wrists. Finally, we disconnect our mailbox and we take a good book.

Improve the quality of your sleep

Before going to bed we take a few minutes to breathe. We follow the advice of Chico Shigeta, Japanese designer and masseuse. Lying on the bed, one hand is placed on the chest and the other on the stomach. Air is exhaled through the mouth. Once the lungs have been emptied, wait 5 seconds and release the tension in the stomach by inhaling air naturally. For 30 seconds we resume normal breathing and repeat the exercise. To do it for 3 minutes. Result: you feel soothed and relaxed, ready to sleep.

To take some fresh air

Of course, urban air is not the best for the body. As soon as the opportunity arises, we take off. Indeed, the air at the seaside is rich in negative ions. These molecules relieve the feeling of fatigue, migraines and are natural antidepressants. The sea air is also rich in iodine. This trace element is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. And the good news is, it naturally promotes weight loss. We breathe.

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