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The Incredible Benefits Of Noni Juice – Vigorous Herbs

If you regularly educate yourself about the wellness world and have an interest in super foods, then Noni juice may not be new to you. The latter is particularly renowned for bringing many benefits to those who consume it, considerably improving well-being and strengthening the body. Nevertheless, it is not yet very popularized which can give it a rather mysterious appearance. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Noni juice.

The Incredible Benefits Of Noni Juice - Vigorous Herbs

The Incredible Benefits Of Noni Juice – Vigorous Herbs

Noni juice and its health benefits
What is Noni juice?

Noni is a little-known fruit that is about the size of a potato. If you’ve ever had the chance to have one in your hands, you’ve probably noticed that its smell is particularly unpleasant. From the point of view of its appearance, it has a light green color, and the interior of the fruit tends to be whitish. The scientific name for noni is Morinda Citrifolia. Note that this fruit is widely distributed in French Polynesia and it is mainly here that noni juice is also made.

Noni juice is used both for external uses, such as wounds, wounds or even inflammation, as well as as a drink. It is this last mode of consumption which seems the most efficient and which shows that this drink contains an incalculable number of virtues. Note that, despite the original unpleasant smell of noni, progress has made it possible to offer a drink that does not have scents that could put off people who would like to benefit from the various benefits of Noni juice. Also note that, in addition to juice, it is also possible to find Noni in different forms such as capsules or tablets, although its effectiveness is reduced with this mode of consumption.

Noni through the centuries

Noni is initially called “nono” or even “apple-dog” and we find traces of its consumption several centuries ago. Even if its popularization and commercialization did not take place until the 1990s, the benefits of Noni were used a long time ago. It seems that the roots, leaves and bark of the tree from which this fruit comes have been used for several millennia, also for their impressive medical virtues. In total, more than forty remedies would have been concocted thousands of years ago with this simple plant. Nowadays, there are more and more articles dealing with this subject and it seems that we are really facing a “miracle” drink. However, what is it really?

The different benefits of Noni juice

While, at the time, most people consumed Noni in leaves, bark or roots, it is now possible to find it in the form of juice in order to considerably facilitate its consumption. Most followers highlight the various benefits that this drink has and that we will see here.

General Benefits of Noni Juice

There are so many benefits that are advanced with a Noni juice cure that it seems complicated to list them all. However, among the major properties of this drink, we find the reduction of hypertension, the regulation of sleep, the maintenance of mood cycles, the considerable increase in body energy, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine capacities. , a role of painkiller and antibacterial properties. It is even argued that, in some cases, Noni juice would be able to prevent the development of tumors and cancer cells .

Noni juice and xeronine

Among the most important elements that go into the composition of Noni, we find xeronine. This chemical compound, which is also found in pineapple, would have a positive effect on our body. Indeed, it seems that xeronine has the ability to strengthen the structure of our cells and concentrate the energy found in the water present in our body. This point has also been confirmed by a study conducted by Neil Salomon. At present, many health professionals believe that Noni juice has considerable capacity to improve the proper functioning of the body.

In addition to that, it would have been proven, during the 1970s by Dr. Heinicke, that xeronine would have an immediate effect on the muscles. According to the experiments carried out, xeronine would make it possible to increase the frequency of muscle contraction with an amplitude and a force which increases considerably. Thanks to the various data that have been collected, we can assume that xeronine would be able to cause an immediate muscular response.

Since this chemical compound is found in Noni juice, people who consume it could benefit from the benefits related to xeronine that we just mentioned.

Normalization of blood pressure with Noni juice

Among the most popular benefits of Noni juice is the normalization of blood pressure. Concretely, a person who consumes this drink correctly will be able to relieve his heart by improving it and by circulating the blood in excessively blocked vessels. In this way, we can say that Noni juice helps relieve cardiovascular efforts, which can only be beneficial for our body. Note that the virtues of noni juice cannot become negative. While Noni juice can help bring blood pressure to a normal level, it will not pose a risk of hypotension (i.e. blood pressure below the established standard).

Noni juice on our energy and mood cycles

Among the highly prized virtues of Noni juice, we find its ability to influence our energy in a positive way by playing an important role in our mood cycles. Concretely, according to the study carried out by Neil Salomon, the Noni would be able to come to stimulate our pineal gland. The latter would have the essential function of secreting serotonin, more colloquially called the hormone of happiness.

This ability plays a significant role in regulating our sleep, maintaining the balance of our mood and our body temperature in general. By consuming Noni juice, it is possible to stabilize the sugar level in his blood, decrease the urge to urinate at night (especially by reducing the swelling of the prostate in men) and reduce menstrual pain. in women.

According to a study carried out by Doctor Salomon of Case Weslern University on 10,000 noni juice consumers, it has been proven that 80% of them observed a more optimal feeling of well-being. Many people also report feeling more energetic within an hour of drinking this “wonder drink”.

Can Noni juice help with pain?

Please note, Noni juice is not a full-fledged medicine for a defined disease, but indeed a supplement that can treat pain. According to the pharmacology laboratory of the University of Metz, it is possible to treat pain with Noni. Indeed, it would seem that the latter has a central analgesic effect. By acting effectively on our brain, Noni juice could then relieve pain present in the whole body. According to some specialists, Noni could prove to be as effective as 75% morphine sulfate. Awesome, isn’t it?

It is also important to clarify that despite abilities like the ones just mentioned, Noni juice, unlike some pain medications, will not be addictive.

Can Noni juice play a role in cancer?

Thanks to the different nutrients found in Noni, it is more than legitimate to think that this fruit would have anti-cancer properties. Scientists have also looked into this subject and have started to test the virtues of this “magic” fruit on mice. It emerged that Noni is effective against cancer, in part on cancer cells located in the abdominal region. It was also found that Noni had the amazing ability to stop the growth of tumors, and this significantly.

Of course, in cancer cases, Noni will play a complementary role and not a full-fledged treatment. Although the studies have not yet been done on men, the first research results seem more than promising.

How to effectively take Noni juice and enjoy its benefits?

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of this drink, you can start a Noni juice cure. According to the various researches that have been carried out, the first benefits could be felt after a few weeks, or even, in some cases, after a few days. Despite this, specialists recommend fairly long cures of up to 6 months. Note that there are no drug contraindications with the intake of this drink and that pregnant or breastfeeding women can also take it.


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