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The Multiple Benefits Of Aloe Vera – Vigorous Herbs

You are certainly familiar with aloe vera (also called aloe), a plant that is used in all kinds of cosmetic products. It is also found among the ingredients of products such as shampoos, moisturizers and healing creams, balms, shower gels, and others.

The Multiple Benefits Of Aloe Vera - Vigorous Herbs

The Multiple Benefits Of Aloe Vera – Vigorous Herbs


Aloe vera is a succulent plant from hot countries that contains a gel with multiple properties in its leaves. It has been in use for more than 5,000 years, and its name appears on the oldest Egyptian manuscripts discovered to date, including the famous Ebers papyrus, the oldest medical document recorded until today.


Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes. It has softening and moisturizing properties on the mucous membranes of the body. This formidable plant comes from arid environments where it manages to store water in its leaves. Also, water is the main element of the leaf and represents 98 to 99% of its weight. The dry matter, which therefore represents only 1 to 2%, consists of 60% of polysaccharides.

The aloe vera leaf contains over 75 active compounds (polysaccharides, phenolics, organic acids) as well as 20 minerals, 20 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. The main secondary metabolites are phenolic compounds of the anthrone and chromone type. Despite the very many studies on this plant, it is difficult to identify one or more precise active ingredients responsible for its properties; aloe vera has not yet revealed all of its secrets.

The benefits of aloe vera

High-quality aloe vera can be applied directly to the skin, but its use in the form of juice or drinkable gels is increasingly indicated due to its beneficial action inside the body, particularly at the level of the system. digestive. Note that the homemade manufacture of an extract of aloe vera leaf ensures that it can only be used topically, that is to say in application on the skin because the leaf contains ingredients that can be harmful if ingested. Juices and gels intended for ingestion should be prepared by responsible companies that ensure their products do not contain any harmful ingredients. The gel is simply juice gelled by the addition of thickening agents or gum.

Among its virtues, aloe vera helps relieve heartburn and gastric acidity, as well as reduce bloating and inflammation. The efficiency of digestive functions, the supply of rare and essential nutrients improve vitality, resistance, circulation, and the natural elimination of toxins. The particularity of its polysaccharides makes aloe vera a very effective antioxidant. Processed without aloin and available as a gel or juice, aloe vera is harmless, even in the long term.


For internal use, aloe vera is generally recognized for:

  • Relieve pain due to irritation of the mucous membranes
  • Accelerate healing of tissues and internal wounds
  • Stimulate and regulate digestive and intestinal functions
  • Promote the elimination of toxins
  • Alkalize the body, regulate gastric secretions, and soothe inflammation (reflux and heartburn)
  • Act effectively in cases of colitis or diverticulosis

For external use, aloe vera is generally recognized for:

  • Its effectiveness in relieving sunburns, minor burns, insect bites, cuts, and other minor skin irritations
  • Accelerate the healing of tissues and wounds
  • Its antibacterial functions
  • Its benefits for the skin. One study has shown that taking aloe vera for 90 days significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

Quality is paramount. Look for pure gels and juices from plants from organic or controlled crops that have undergone cold extraction. This cold process must be observed throughout the processing of the product, even after bottling. So look for an unpasteurized product.

Make sure the gels are made with xanthan or locust bean gum to ensure cold making. Avoid gels made with carrageenans or Irish moss, which require hot solubilization and can cause serious health problems, recent studies show

Also avoid drinks with little or no aloe vera juice, as these are drinks and not real juice; they contain a large dose of added sugar that is harmful to health. Double-check the list of ingredients; some products are advertised as juices but only contain a little aloe vera juice diluted in other fruit juices.

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