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Tips For Beautiful Skin – Vigorous Herbs

Our skin takes on important tasks in metabolism and immunology. It serves as a covering organ to separate the inside from the outside world and thus protect against environmental influences and pathogens.

Tips For Beautiful Skin - Vigorous Herbs

Tips For Beautiful Skin – Vigorous Herbs

Vigorous Herbs introduce plant-based supplements for skincare: Fountain of Youth

But the skin is more than that: it is also a kind of visiting card. Because beautiful skin with a healthy complexion and a fresh, natural appearance signals a strong and fresh spirit to our counterpart.

 Structure of our skin

The skin is the largest human organ. In an adult, it takes up an area of ​​about 1.5 to 1.8 m² and consists of 3 essential layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue.

The epidermis is 0.03 and 0.05 millimeters thick. The horny layer, especially on the soles of the feet, is sometimes even several millimeters thick.

The epidermis can be divided into:

  • Horny layer
  • T. gloss layer
  • Granule cell layer
  • Prickly cell layer
  • Basal layer

The dermis supplies the epidermis with nutrients. It consists of a papilla layer and a mesh layer. The skin appendages such as hair, nails, sebum, and sweat glands arise from the dermis.

The subcutaneous contains larger blood vessels, nerves, subcutaneous fat, loose connective tissue, and sensory cells for strong pressure stimuli.

Functions of our skin

Our skin protects us from mechanical, thermal, and chemical environmental influences. It fends off pathogens and helps regulate our body temperature and the water balance. We breathe through our skin and we excrete sweat through the skin.

We perceive touch, temperature, and pain through our skin.

Our skin also has a social function: If it is cared for, we signal a certain attractiveness to our counterparts. This is not only decisive when choosing a partner, but often also in professional life. Because in the world of work, too, we prefer the youthful freshness and a powerful shine to bland, sallow, and tired faces.

How to get beautiful skin

Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Only those who care for their skin regularly can ensure that it can actually perform its tasks.

Tip 1 for beautiful skin: walks in the fresh air


Tip 2 for beautiful skin: drink a lot

You should drink at least one and a half to 2 liters per day of mineral water or unsweetened tea. This prevents creases due to lack of moisture! Teas made from lemongrass, peppermint, verbena, ginger, white tea, green tea, mistletoe, and lemon myrtle are suitable.


Tip 3 for beautiful skin: Get enough sleep

Sleep you about 8 hours a night. Use a flat, firm pillow to keep your cervical spine straight when you lie down and to avoid wrinkles.

Tip 4 for beautiful skin: quit smoking

Avoid nicotine as it damages the skin. Smoker’s skin is pale, leathery, and poorly supplied with blood. This means that wrinkles form earlier than in non-smokers.

Tip 5 for beautiful skin: clean your skin regularly


Water alone can not remove the oily mixture of sebum, cream, and make-up from the skin. You should therefore use a fat-dissolving (lipophilic) cleansing milk. The cleansing milk is best applied with your fingertips or a sponge. Then massage in the lotion and let it take effect briefly. Then rinse off the cleansing milk with plenty of warm water.

Tip 6 for beautiful skin: use facial toner

After facial cleanses, apply a facial toner. This liquid helps to rebuild the acid mantle. The facial toner also removes limescale deposits from tap water and cleaning residues that clog pores.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, you should only use alcohol-free facial toner so as not to put additional strain on the fat and moisture balance. Alcohol-free tonics and thermal sprays are recommended.


Tip 7 for beautiful skin: use water-in-oil emulsions for more mature skin


Water-in-oil emulsions are well suited for cleansing mature skin, as they preserve the protective acid mantle of the skin. But cleansing creams based on vegetable oils such as jojoba, soy, or sweet coat are also recommended.

Tip 8 for beautiful skin: Use hydrogels or oil-free fluid for oily skin

Use alkaline cleaning agents such as soap for robust, oily skin. However, soap tends to attack the protective acid mantle. Remember that our skin can best tolerate a pH value of 5.5.

If the skin is oily, there is an overproduction of sebum. When it comes to skincare, you should add a lot of moisture to the skin, but no fat. Light hydrogels or an oil-free fluid for oily skin can help here.

Tip 9 for beautiful skin: use moisturizers on dry skin

If the skin is rather dry, the use of moisturizers such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, or synthetically produced urea is recommended. These bring water into the dry skin and create moisture deposits. The moisturizers are best applied in upward and circular movements.

Tip 10 for beautiful skin: Use moist acid creams for thick and coarse-pored skin


For thick and coarse-pored skin, the use of fruit acid creams such as creams containing AHA and BHA helps. The alpha and beta-hydroxy acids ensure that the horny layer of the skin becomes thinner – and cell renewal is accelerated. The result is a finer and smoother complexion, as the skin is better moisturized. If you use fruit acid creams, avoid sunbathing, otherwise, pigmentation disorders can occur.

Tip 11 for beautiful skin: Use oxygenated creams for a fresh complexion

Oxygenated creams can deliver the active ingredient directly to the cells so that the skin looks younger and fresher. However, aggressive oxygen molecules drive the skin aging process.

Tip 12 for beautiful skin: Use agents with the coenzyme Q10

With Q10, a coenzyme that is formed by the human organism itself, the so-called “free radicals” can be neutralized. This is precisely why the coenzyme Q10 is also used in many face creams and in capsules as nutritional supplements.


Tip 13 for beautiful skin: treat yourself to a face mask every now and then

Mix two teaspoons of green tea powder with 120 milliliters of hot water, beat until foamy with a whisk and the jade foam is ready, which you spread over your face. Rinse off the remains afterward. The tannins contained in the tincture render bacteria harmless, the complexion appears clear and fresh.


Tip 14 for beautiful skin: treat yourself to a nice bath every now and then

Warmth and rising steam open the skin pores, make them more absorbent and allow the active ingredients to penetrate better. It is therefore advisable to pair the face mask with a full bath.

Whey or milk bath relaxes soothes dry, sensitive skin, and makes it attractive. The reason for this is lactose, which is a good moisture binder. The special bath additive also contains plenty of vitaminsminerals, lactic acid, milk fat, and milk protein. A whey or milk bath thus supports the regeneration and nutrition of the cells.

Alternatively, prepare the skin for care with warm compresses. To do this, put a terry towel in hot water, wring it out well and place it on your skin. Repeat the process several times.

Tip 15 for beautiful skin: Pay attention to targeted active ingredients in care products

Creams with vitamin C stimulate the formation of the skin’s own collagen fibers and stimulate cell metabolism.

Tea tree oil in a five percent solution has a strong disinfectant effect and fights pimples.

The intake of Camu is to smooth out your skin. Simply stir one to two teaspoons of the powder in 250 milliliters of water, tea, or juice.


Tip 16 for beautiful skin: Work in care products with circular movements or light tapping

Treat your skin gently. Work the skincare products gently into the forehead and cheek area with circular movements. Gently pat the creams, ointments, oils, or milk around the eye area with your fingertips. Always spread the care products around the neck area with the entire palm of the hand from top to bottom. Never pluck.

Tip 17 for beautiful skin: note the shelf life and use up care products quickly after opening

Note the shelf life of creams. The best before dates apply to the unopened condition. An opened tube or an opened jar should be used up within three months. The warmer it is, the faster the oils contained can become rancid or bacteria can form. Self-made creams without preservatives are best used up straight away or frozen.

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