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Vitality and Well-being – Vigorous Herbs

Health, mental equilibrium, energy: it is no longer material riches that we humans strive for. Maintaining our health and the desire to lead a vital, active life is increasingly coming to the fore. We can contribute a lot to this by being mindful of our everyday lives, appreciating ourselves, and maintaining our health.

Vitality and Well-being - Vigorous Herbs

Vitality and Well-being – Vigorous Herbs

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Several times a day: Little luck

It sounds so simple, and yet in the hectic pace of everyday life, we ​​sometimes forget to enjoy the simple moments of happiness. The scent of freshly prepared dishes, the sun on our skin, the unexpected praise, or finding time to read after a late night are just such experiences. To get it out of the matter, of course, to make it fully conscious to us, is an art, is happiness. These few happy minutes a day make a big difference. They give us satisfaction and can have a beneficial effect on our health.

Scientists agree on this: Those who can go through life positively, are happy and laughing, strengthen their immune system. In order for us to succeed in this, a balanced nutrient balance is important. Magnesium, niacin, and thiamine contribute to the normal functioning of the psyche.

Away from stress, into the flow

Too much hectic pace and stress sooner or later get out of hand. The result is that we feel more and more tired and tense. As a result, we need more time and energy for each of our actions than is available to us. We can interrupt this spiral.

Stress reduction, exercise, and regeneration are three other important points on the way to vitality and well-being. As an inseparable triumvirate, they interlock like cogs. Movement, namely that which we enjoy and which is harmless to the health of the individual, is the basis of all well-being. It helps us to reduce stress and at the same time increase our vitality.

Regeneration – enjoy time out

Annual vacation is an important factor in getting back to work with verve. A noticeable recovery effect also sets in when we step out of the everyday carousel for a day. A day at the lake, a long walk in the forest, a mountain tour may be physically strenuous, but our minds calm down and we draw strength. The feeling of having achieved something in this leisure activity also contributes to our well-being. And staying in the fresh air offers us another advantage: exposure to the sun produces vitamin D, which helps to maintain our muscle functions and bones as well as to strengthen our immune system. In the sunnier season, the intake of vitamin D is recommended through preparations,

Paths to vitality and wellbeing
  • balanced nutrition
  • enough vital substances
  • Move
  • Stress reduction
  • regeneration
  • Moments of happiness
Stress reduction, exercise, and regeneration are three other important points on the way to vitality and well-being.

 Vitality from within – nourishment for body and soul

Eating high-quality food is very much in vogue. However, the awareness that our bodies need good nutrition is more than a passing fad. It is worth trying it yourself: Freshly prepared food, seasonal fruit, and vegetables from the market instead of ready-made meals make you fit. Even shopping becomes an experience. Early in the morning at the weekly market, the scents of the delicacies on offer mix and stimulate our senses. Have a chat here, try something there – a short break on your own doorstep.

Well-being and vitality at all times

It is not always possible for us to take in all of the essential nutrients through our food alone. Stress, alcohol, and adverse living conditions can trigger an increased need and empty our nutrient stores. The consequences include nervousness, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, problems with skin and hair, indigestion, and serious health problems. But diets such as weight loss diets or a vegan lifestyle can also cause an additional need for micronutrients. If animal products are not used at all, it is essential to take vitamin B 12, as this does not occur in plant-based food or only in very small traces.

Take some time for yourself! High-quality food, leisure and work evenly distributed and a balanced hobby contribute to your vitality and well-being in the long term.


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