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Wellness ideas and pampering programs for at home

We would like to give you a few wellness tips for at home. A few ideas how you can enrich your everyday life. How you can tackle a few problem areas or prevent problems preventively. According to the motto “Better to live healthily than treat illnesses.”

Wellness Tips For At Home - Vigorous Herbs

Wellness Tips For At Home – Vigorous Herbs

Sport & fitness at home

No time for a fitness vacation or a gym is no longer an excuse for too little exercise! Easily integrate sport into everyday life with exercise bikes or a bike for small errands. Regular exercise has a positive effect on mood and various health problems. Simply use the advantages at home on the fitness mat. Helpers such as toe protection, gloves for weights and bandages help to alleviate the first discomfort.

Care series & tips

How often do you really take your time and your body? In the hectic everyday life between sport and work, the self-care of the body and mind is often lost. Here you can give yourself a little love with a little wellness day but a large care program. Body regions such as the eyes, feet or even the hair need special care for the perfect shine. For example, start with a new day or night care routine.

Massages & sleeping

A relaxing massage is the epitome of wellness. It’s a shame that good massages are only available in expensive wellness hotels or practices, isn’t it? There is now a huge market for massage products for the home. From the massage chair with heating function, massage devices for the neck area to warming and heating blankets for the body, neck or feet, you have endless possibilities for a relaxing break at home. Sleep shouldn’t be neglected either. Studies have shown that lack of sleep or poor sleep can increase blood pressure and decrease concentration. You can find out how well you sleep with massage self-tests.

Losing weight and dieting at home

The dream of slimness accompanies us almost all. The most common solution: diet. However, this does not necessarily mean completely avoiding meat, sweets or fatty foods. With small changes such as sugar substitutes in the cake, coconut oil instead of fat for frying or a detox day, you can quickly achieve success in weight loss and purification. Or you trust in the diverse effects of rainforest herbs on your body.

Detox cures

With a detox cure you bring your body back into harmonic equilibrium right from the start. An unhealthy diet that is too salty can lead to an imbalance in the body’s acid-base balance in the long run. Anyone who wants to lose weight effectively or simply do something good for their body has the perfect introduction to a healthier life with a detox cure plan.

What is a detox regimen?

A detox regimen can take place in different ways. Detox teas, detox juice and alkaline foods help the body to detoxify. The diet usually follows a multi-day plan with its own detox cure recipes. The length ranges from short units of 3 days of detox to two weeks or longer. From experience with detox cures, a 3-day cure is usually enough in everyday life.

Detox drinks form a natural alternative to water and teas during a detox cure. The most popular detox drink is ginger lemon, the detox drink detoxifies the body and helps your stomach and intestines to regain a harmonious balance. As a detox smoothie, the drinks help to tame the feeling of hunger even during fasting and supply the body with important vitamins and trace elements.

If you haven’t found your perfect detox drink online yet, you can simply prepare your own recipe at home. Organic foods such as fruit and vegetables or ready-made detox teas and detox mixtures can serve as the basis. For detox drinks for weight loss, apple cider vinegar, ginger and the Indian spice turmeric are recommended in the detox drink. This stimulates the metabolism and burns more fat.

Detox teas are the classics in the field of detox cures and purification cures. Depending on their content, the herbal teas can help the body lose weight, purify and detoxify. The test winners of the detox teas are from Teekanne and Yogi Tea. The spiced teas contain Ayurvedic ingredients such as cinnamon and pepper. So that you can fully enjoy your detox tea cure plan, you should also pay attention to the side effects of some additives such as liquorice or a large amount of cinnamon when choosing the detox tea.

Sugar substitute

If you want to do without sugar, but not sweet food, and still want to eat healthily, you should use sugar substitutes such as birch sugar and other natural sugar alternatives. Sugar substitutes are also ideal for diabetics and those who are overweight. In contrast to normal industrial sugar, the risk of tooth decay is reduced for almost everyone and the blood sugar level also remains harmoniously at the same level.

What is the best sugar substitute?

The five most common alternatives for the white sugar are:

  • honey
  • Agarve syrup
  • Birch sugar (xylitol)
  • Stevia
  • Fructose erythritol

Honey is the oldest substitute, but unfortunately not suitable for vegans. The other four alternatives are all vegan. Xylitol, also known as birch sugar, is suitable for losing weight. Compared to regular sugar, it has fewer calories, increases blood sugar levels only slowly and poses no risk of tooth decay.

Rainforest herbs

The teas and raw vegetables with rainforest herbs are exotic and particularly effective. Natural ingredients such as jato bark, clove blossoms or liquorice are particularly acidic – perfect as an accompaniment to alkaline fasting. Since the rainforest herb products do not contain any additives, they are vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free. This makes them perfect for allergy sufferers, vegans or those with food intolerances.

How do rainforest herbs help?
  • Decrease
  • Detoxification
  • nausea
  • Hyperacidity
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Skin problems

The effect of rainforest herb products such as teas, cocoa or powder changes depending on their composition. Rainforest tea with sour wormwood or juniper berries harmonizes the acid-base balance. Black walnut teas provide more energy. Amazon colon cleansing capsules, which help with clay, among other things, help with digestive problems.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas are universal remedies for the body and soul. A cup of hot chamomile tea in the evening relaxes the body and gives your mind time to rest. Herbal teas also have an effect on the body. Mint teas, rainforest herbal teas and nettles energize, relax the body or strengthen the immune system. And preparation is also quick and easy: boil water, pour in and enjoy.

Which herbal teas are the healthiest?

In general, most herbal teas are very healthy and good for the body. Pure herbal teas have no other ingredients besides the herbs and medicinal plants mentioned. Caution is only required with mixed teas. For a sweeter taste, industrial sugar or preservatives are often mixed in here.

Detox teas

With a purification cure you clean your body naturally from the middle of deposited slag and toxins. The most popular means are detox teas. They offer a simple introduction to purification and detoxification. Purification teas work by stimulating the circulation and metabolism. This is where nettles and rose hips help the body. The test winner detox teas can be bought online or found in health food stores.

Which detox tea is suitable for losing weight?

Teas with ginger and green tea are best for losing weight. The detox teas stimulate the gastrointestinal tract with caffeine and fruit acids. Another side effect of drinking a lot of detox teas is the increased fluid intake. The water helps your body flush out toxins more easily. So you can cleanse your body inside and out.

What help against detox teas?
  • fatigue
  • Obesity
  • Cellulite
  • Metabolic problems
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • headache
BIO food

A balanced diet is the first step towards well-being, but the food should also support the project. BIO foods avoid excessive and unnatural additives, pesticides or industrial ingredients. Thus they form the most important basis for a healthy diet and prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body. You should pay particular attention to the BIO seal when it comes to fruit and vegetables.

How do you recognize good organic food?

Most organic foods have a seal from the organic associations in Germany. The green tick is one of the best known. Information about organic products can be found online on the associations’ websites. A look at the ingredients can also provide information. If it contains too many artificial preservatives or flavor enhancers, you should opt for a more natural alternative. The advantages of organic food are clear. They’re usually healthier than their traditional counterparts and offer a better balance of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Mud treatment at home

Fango packs come from the Italian and are the alternative for drug pain treatments. For a fango cure   , heated volcanic mud or silt is applied to the painful area of ​​the body and left on for 15-20 minutes. The fango mask is also perfect for the home spa at home. Simply let it smear on your shoulder, neck or your partner’s back, relax and shower again.

Foot care

Get a professional pedicure home with everything that goes with it: peeling, nail care and creams especially for the feet. Hardly any other part of the body is as stressed as the feet in everyday life. Without regular care, hard calluses, corns or ingrown toenails can quickly develop. You can prevent this by taking a little time for your feet every few days.

What is done with foot care?

You can imitate all the steps of professional medical foot care for yourself at home. A foot bath with essential oils softens the dry and firm skin on the feet and makes them receptive to the treatments. With pedicure sets with files and nail scissors, you can gently remove the excess callus on your heel, ball of the foot or toe. With a small amount, a peeling with walnut shells or sugar can also remove the dead skin. If you have problems with your feet such as corns, warts or hammer toes, use your own creams and lotions. At the end of every pedicure, you should rub your feet with a particularly nutritious and moisturizing foot cream. If you repeat your pedicure more often, the cost per application will also decrease.

Self-tests for gut, minerals & sleep

Self-tests are an excellent compromise if you have symptoms that are not strong enough for a doctor to diagnose, for example, you may be afraid of doctors or you are dealing with the topic preventively. In the meantime, you can find a large and reliable selection of self-tests and tests for at home online. Above all, the intestinal health, the fitness level or the mineral balance in the body are tested. Since blood is only needed in tiny amounts for some tests, they are also suitable for needle phobias.

Wellness baskets & gifts

Gift options and ideas for partners or best friends. Are you still looking for the perfect present for a birthday or Christmas? Something special for your partner or just a gift for yourself? With a small wellness basket, a voucher for a massage or a joint wellness weekend for two, you are giving away relaxation, rest and a little break. The lovingly prepared gift baskets with bath oils, body lotions or body peelings are ideal for small gifts. You can fulfill larger wishes with all-inclusive wellness vouchers for a wellness hotel or thermal bath:

  • Gift baskets
  • Wellness
  • wellness weekend
  • Couple weekend
  • Care and wellness sets
Wellness at home with friends

Do you enjoy spending time with your best friend or with your friends? Then you can combine the pleasant with the useful, an all-inclusive wellness weekend . Do fitness exercises together, fast together or massage each other. Meditate with a detox tea or celebrate yoga. Cooking Ayurvda together or discussing health or beauty issues. There is so much that is more fun together.

Last but least, we can’t help but point out that you don’t have to do everything at home!

If you are looking for deep relaxation for yourself, you will also find it in a wellness holiday in an excellent wellness hotel or in a top-equipped thermal bath. A wellness trip offers you alone, or with a partner or best friend, a brief moment of peace and distance. The duration can range from just one wellness day in the day spa to a wellness weekend up to a one-week vacation or longer.

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