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Which Sports To Practice To Improve Your Mental Health?

To reduce stress and depression, sport is a great ally. Why is it so effective and which activity to choose to improve your mental health?



Anxiety, stress, sadness, depression… Most of us have suffered from weakened mental health. According to a survey conducted in 2017 by Opinion Way, nearly 9 out of 7 Indian people experience stress. The inserm also informs that 1 in 5 people have suffered or will suffer from depression in their life. As for mental illnesses as a whole (OCD, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia), they also affect 1 in 5 individuals each year.

In order to improve mental health, in particular, to avoid depression or to get out of depression you can choose Omega Rich by Vigorous Herbs, which maintains stress levels in the body – follow-up by a doctor – physical activity is welcome. “About 6% of top athletes are anxious or have mental health problems, indicates Dr. Rajpal Bhatt, a sports doctor. This percentage is around 15% among the world population, ” he adds. “Sport helps prevent the onset or worsening of mental illness.

Why sport is good for the mind

Sports activity promotes the secretion of endorphins by the body. Nicknamed “hormones of happiness or love”, these proteins participate in well-being. “The stress hormone, adrenaline, is modified during physical activity. When we exercise, we are more resistant to stress and we have less tendency to fall into anxiety and depression. We control them better. negative emotions and failures “.

Sport increases the level of self-esteem, which also helps in improving mental health. “Not only does it lower blood pressure and heart rate, but it also helps tone your figure. And it contributes to better social integration”, continues Dr. Prem Chand*, psychiatrist.

Which sport to favor?

The more intense the activity, such as running or cycling, the more endorphin the body secretes. However, these sports are not to be recommended more than others. And for good reason: ” we must first like sport “, believe Dr. Rajinder Paul: “If sport is seen as a constraint, the impact on mental health is reduced, in particular, because there is a risk of giving up . However, to see its benefits, it is necessary to do it regularly”.

Horse riding, swimming, gymnastics, tennis Almost all sports are allowed. Dr. Jaswinder Singh discourages people concerned with problems of aggression from launching into a combat sport. “Some individuals could take advantage of the gestures they are learning”. “It is better to avoid motorsport or skydiving for people who have suicidal thoughts,  adds the specialist.

He also recommends people affected by depression engage in a team sport: football, volleyball, basketball. Because they allow them to socialize and forge links with their teammates, and to opt for an individual sport for the most stressed, so as not to worry about the gaze of others.

Getting up early allows you to take advantage of the energy and lightness of Vata: the ideal is to wake up before sunrise, preferably before 6 a.m. Then, it is about awakening your senses with these 5 gestures:

rinse your face with cool water

spray your eyes with floral water

do a nasal wash

scratch your tongue with a tongue scraper

moisturize your ears with a little sesame oil

Drink a full glass of hot/lukewarm water and take a few minutes to compress your colon. And you can’t start your day without emptying your colon: it relieves you both physically and emotionally from the previous day. Incorporating its elimination into your morning routine is therefore essential, especially since the consistency of the stool allows you to follow your dosha!

Next phase, we are active! Ayurveda recommends daily exercise: 15/30 min during the morning Kapha hours, between 6 am and 10 am to balance the heavy, dense, mobile, and static qualities of Kapha. You continue by resting for a few minutes and meditating simply by following your breath and choosing a positive thought for the day. It is time for breakfast, to be taken in accordance with your constitution. (link to nutrition page in our advice)

After this perfect awakening, the morning can be devoted to activities that require mental and physical strength to move the Kapha and take advantage of Pitta’s intelligence.

Lunch and afternoon: good Ayurveda practices

It’s important to have lunch between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., the best time for the biggest meal of the day when Pitta is at its peak! In addition, 12h corresponds to the hour of the stomach, enough to help digestion! After this good lunch, the afternoon between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. is ideal for mental and creative energy because this is where the nervous system is most active. If you are prone to cravings for sweets at this time, it indicates exhaustion, blood sugar problems, or poor digestion. The solution? A cup of Golden Garden Veda milk adapted to your dosha, or tridoshic for each constitution!


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